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Nameless Treasure Secret Quest: where to find these artefacts & what to do once you have

Liyue is a vast land of mystery… and secret treasure! Here’s how to complete the Nameless Treasure secret quest in Genshin Impact.
Nameless Treasure Secret Quest: where to find these artefacts & what to do once you have

On your adventures through the south-west of Liyue you may have come across a mysterious Quest Item called “Nameless Treasure.” By itself it does little, but find all three and… well that’s the mystery, isn’t it?

Here’s where you’ll find all three in Genshin Impact.

Ready to make like Indiana Jones and go ruin diving?

Nameless treasure quest Genshin Impact
All three sites you need to search can be found in the south-west of the map. (Picture: moHiYo)

Where to find all three Nameless Treasures

You’ll need to search (and solve the puzzles) at Qinqxu Pool, Lingju Pass, and Dunyu Ruins.

All three can be found west of Liyue city and Mt. Tianheng.

Qingxu Pool

For Qingxu Pool, you’ll need to activate the Geo sigils at the top of a number of towers/pavilions. The sigils can be a little finicky, so you may have to try multiple times to activate one! 

Qingxu Pool Nameless Treasure secret Genshin Impact
(Picture: miHoYo)

Obviously, you’ll need to make sure you have access to a Geo character during this. You’ll then see a cutscene of a treasure chest spawning at the top of the ruins - the Nameless Treasure will be inside

Nameless treasure
An example of one of the Geo sigils. (Picture: miHoYo)

Lingju Pass

Getting the Nameless treasure from Lingju Pass is a little more involved. You’ll need to activate five Geo pedestals, all of which are sealed off by various different puzzles that need to be completed before you can activate them.

Lingju pass genshin impact nameless treasures
All five activated pedestals can be seen here. (Picture: moHiYo)

  1. At the foot of the stairs to the ruin. A simple activation.
  2. Underneath the Golden Tree. Run over the explosive seeds surrounding it to detonate them and unseal the pedestal.
  3. To the left hand side if you are standing under the tree, facing the ruins. There are two pressure plates that need to be activated. Either stand on one then quickly run to the other once it is fully activated, or use the Geo Traveller’s Elemental Skill to weigh down the second.
  4. On the right hand side from the same perspective as before. Use an Anemo user to blow the nearby clover shaped fan, then activate the pedestal. This will cause an updraft to form in the centre of the lake…
  5. … which you can use to reach the final pedestal on the floating platform above the lake.

You’ll also need to rescue an NPC who’s been captured by Treasure Hoarders. You’ll find the kidnappers near the tower above the waterfall to the top left of the ruins. Beat the Hoarders, pick up the cage key one of them drops, and free the NPC.

Lingju pass genshin impact
(Picture: moHiYo)

She’ll then send you on a side quest to go hunting for clues that will lead you to treasure. Complete both the pedestals and the NPC side quest and you’ll find a chest under the golden tree at the center of the lake.

Dunyu Ruins

Another more involved puzzle. The Dunyu Ruins start at the bottom of a flooded crater, which means your first act needs to be to drain said crater. Head towards the ruins still above the waters to the east of the crater.

Dunyu ruins genshin impact
(Picture: moHiYo)

You’ll need to activate three torches with a Pyro character, then activate the Geo pedestal in those ruins. Check the picture above for the locations!

With the torches lit and the Geo pedestal activated, the crater will drain. Only issue is the chest at the bottom of the lake is hidden behind a protective shield.

Which brings us to stage two: finding the Seelies required to deactivate the shield.

They can be found:

  • At the level of the second torch
  • Below the ruin, in a side room past the stairs
  • The opposite end of the crater to the ruin, passed the statues. You’ll enter into a chamber beyond where you’ll need to defeat a number of enemies to unlock the gates beyond. Do that to reveal the final Seelie within.

With the Seelies guided back to their gardens, the shield will deactivate revealing the chest containing the final piece of the Nameless treasure.

Nameless treasure
(Picture: moHiYo)

What to do with the Nameless Treasure once you have all three

Head over to Linlang in Liyue, but make sure you turn up at night or she won’t be there. You can sell her all three for a hefty sum of mora and a Primogem reward.

Where is Linglang nameless treasure quest genshin impact
(Picture: moHiYo)

What’s more, you’ll get an interesting snippet of lore that these three artifacts belonged to a number of adepti, but one has been mysteriously anonymised - perhaps another cryptic hint as to the identity of the Geo Archon?