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Genshin Impact 3.4 Patch Notes – All New Content, Updates & Fixes

Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse will announce the 3.4 update’s patch notes shortly, outlining all the new content and balance changes.
Genshin Impact 3.4 Patch Notes – All New Content, Updates & Fixes

Genshin Impact's first content update for 2023 has been released with new content and plenty of adjustments and balance changes. The 3.4 update has garnered much excitement surrounding the new characters arriving in Teyvat soon, highlighted by the long-awaited debut of Yaoyao and Alhaitham

Travelers have seen much of both characters as Yaoyao had been present since the game's early days and Alhaitham since the launch of the 3.0 update. We will list all the upcoming content, adjustments, and balance changes detailed in the latest patch notes for Genshin Impact.

19th January 2023 Update: The Genshin Impact 3.4 update has officially arrived in-game. The update's patch notes can be viewed below with all game adjustments and bug fixes included.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Patch Notes – New Content

genshin impact 3.3 update patch notes new content bug fixes balance changes
Plenty of new content, bug fixes, and balance changes are arriving soon to Genshin Impact in the 3.4 update. (Picture: HoYoverse)

The latest update for Genshin Impact will be the game’s first content update, launching on 18th January 2023, as developer HoYoverse looks to start the new year with plenty of festivities. These include two new characters joining the game's roster of playable characters, new Genius Invokation TCG cards, and the return of Liyue's Lantern Rite Festival.

Below we have detailed some of the latest inclusions in the 3.4 update for Genshin Impact based on multiple leaks provided by various dataminers and sources.

New Characters:

HoYoverse confirmed two more characters, arriving in the 3.4 update and featured in upcoming Character Event Wish banners. Dendro characters, Alhaitham and Yaoyao, were officially announced via Genshin Impact's social media channels, with Yaoyao appearing in the trailer that debuted at The Game Awards in December 2022.

genshin impact 3.4 update patch notes new characters character event wish banners alhaitham
Alhaitham will finally be a playable character in the 3.4 update and featured in the Character Event Wish banners. (Picture: YouTube / Genshin Impact)

Alhaitham is a notable member of Sumeru Akademiya's Haravatat and will be a 5-star character who will wield a sword. Yaoyao, on the other hand, will be a 4-star character who'll utilize a polearm as her preferred weapon type.

New Character Event Wish Banners:

As mentioned, Alhaitham and Yaoyao will be featured in the 3.4 update's Character Event Wish banners, with Alhaitham gaining a banner and Yaoyao receiving boosted drop rates. What has been creating much debate online is who will receive banner reruns alongside the new characters.

According to the 3.4 Special Program livestream, Xiao, Yelan, and HuTao will be gaining banner reruns, with Xiao joining Alhaitham in the first phase. Yaoyao will also appear on both banners, receiving a drop-rate boost as the second phase sees Yelan and Hu Tao getting banner reruns.

New Events:

The 3.4 updates will see some new and returning events included in the update for Travelers to look forward to. These include a combat-orientated event, Warrior's Spirit, based on an Inazuman competitive event, a new domain-related challenge event, "Second Blooming," and an event connected to the next map expansion of the Sumeru region called the “Desert of Hadramaveth."

genshin impact 3.4 patch notes new events lantern rite festival the exquisite night chimes invite 4-star character liyue
Yaoyao will join other 4-star Liyue characters you can invite after completing various mini-events in the upcoming Lantern Rite Festival. (Picture: HoYoverse)

The Lantern Rite Festival is returning to Teyvat and will be the update's flagship event; however, no additional details have been revealed. You will have the opportunity to "invite" a 4-star character to your party after completing various mini-events with Yaoyao and other 4-star characters from Liyue.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Patch Notes – Adjustments & Bug Fixes

Alongside the plethora of content arriving in the Genshin Impact 3.4 update, the developer has outlined several notable, and minor adjustments and bug fixes included. These changes aim to bring much-needed in-game stability and improve overall game performance and experience for all Travelers.

All Genshin Impact 3.4 Adjustments & Bug Fixes:
  • System:
    • In "Mystic Offering," the selected Artifacts will not be cleared after switching the Artifact Strongbox.
    • In "Mystic Offering," a second confirmation pop-up window has been added when selecting an enhanced Artifact.
    • Optimizes the filtering criteria of Artifacts in "Mystic Offering."
    • In "Mystic Offering," Artifacts can be selected in batches by scrolling.
  • Audio:
    • Optimizes the sound of some Elemental Reaction effects in Genius Invokation TCG.
    • Adjusts the playback logic when characters' weather-related and standby voice-overs are triggered at the same time.
  • Characters:
    • Optimizes the appearance of Yelan's hands in her model.
    • Adjusts the appearance of Dori's legs in her character illustration.
  • Genius Invokation TCG:
    • Adds a function to end turn using a controller when playing Genius Invokation TCG. While using a controller, when the cursor hovers, hold the X button on the PC and PS4™ or the Circle button on the PS5™ to end the turn (using the Dualsense™ and DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers as examples).
    • Adds L1 and R1 button prompts when using a controller to play Genius Invokation TCG (using the Dualsense™ or DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers as examples).
    • Adjusts the number of charges and Elemental Dice required, as well as DMG dealt by the Elemental Burst for the Character Card "Yoimiya" in Genius Invokation TCG: the number of charges required has increased from 2 to 3, the number of dice required has increased from 3 Pyro Dice to 4, and "Deals 3 Pyro DMG..." has been adjusted to "Deals 4 Pyro DMG..."
    • Adjusts the DMG dealt by the Elemental Skills "Blustering Blade" and "Frosty Assault" of the Character Card "Maguu Kenki" in Genius Invokation TCG: these two Elemental Skills will no longer deal DMG and will only summon "Shadowsword: Lone Gale" and "Shadowsword: Galloping Frost," respectively.
    • Adjusts the effect of the Event Card "Minty Meat Rolls" in Genius Invokation TCG: this effect can now trigger up to 3 times.
    • Adjusts the number of uses for the Team Combat Status "Catalyzing Field" in Genius Invokation TCG: the number has decreased from 3 to 2.
    • Adjusts the number of Elemental Dice required for the "Floral Sidewinder" Talent Card in Genius Invokation TCG: the number required has been increased from 3 Dendro Dice to 4.
    • Optimizes the appearance of some Character Card faces in Genius Invokation TCG.
    • Optimizes the special effects of the shielding effects for cards when playing Genius Invokation TCG on mobile.
    • Optimizes the animation effect when a new Character Card is played in Genius Invokation TCG.
  • Other Adjustments & Bug Fixes:
    • Adjusts the description of the achievement "A Well-Trained Archaeologist."
    • Adjusts the number of Teleport Waypoints required to unlock the achievement "Over Sandstorms and Mirages (I)." The original total number of Teleport Waypoints required to be unlocked is 26, and is now adjusted to 27 (if the achievement has been completed, the completion status of the achievement remains unchanged).
    • Adjusts the rules for obtaining the Elemental Resonance effects: when there are four characters in your party or four or more characters in your party due to trial characters, Elemental Resonance will take effect as normal, with the specific Elemental Resonance effect determined by the corresponding elements of the first through fourth characters in your party (prior to the adjustment, Elemental Resonance would not take effect if a Trial Character was present).
    • Removed the second confirmation pop-up window for skipping the cutscene for the second phase of the "Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal" boss fight. Now, clicking "skip" will directly skip the cutscene without needing confirmation.
    • Adjusts the height range for triggering some Random Events.

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