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Genshin Impact
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Where to find and buy apples in Genshin Impact

A healthy and nutritious snack, having apples in one’s inventory in Genshin Impact will not only grant travellers easy access to the fruit but finding them can be easy to locate.
These lovely red and sweet delights are a wonderful resource to have as they can replenish your health, especially in a pinch. And if you have a few recipes in your inventory that require the use of apples, now would be the time to best utilise this fruit.

Luckily for travellers, apples aren’t difficult to find as there are plenty of locations throughout Teyvat where one can harvest some apples to consume or cook with. This guide will navigate travellers to the best locations for harvesting apples as well as which vendors stock this fruity ingredient.

Where to find apples in Genshin Impact

Where to find and buy apples in Genshin Impact
A delicious treat or cooked in a meal, apples are great to have in your inventory. (Picture: miHoYo)

There are a few locations, particularly in the Liyue and Mondstadt regions where travellers can find apples for harvesting. Similarly, travellers will be rewarded apples in several quests or even while investigating areas.

The maps below provide travellers with the best locations for harvesting apples in these particular regions to start adding to your inventory. A simple tip is to make Teleport Waypoints your points of reference as they make harvesting more efficient rather than having to run or glide from various locations.

Where to find and buy apples in Genshin Impact
Apple locations in Mondstadt. Picture: Genshin Impact Interactive Map)

Stormbearer Mountains in the Mondstadt region is probably one of the best locations for harvesting apples as the trees in this area typically spawn three apples at a time. The trees to look out for are near the Teleport Waypoint in this area so it will cut time on having to search every tree for apples.

Similarly, the Guili Plains in Liyue have some apple trees worth your time as the apples are ready for harvesting. Reaching the Teleport Waypoint, travellers must turn right and over a hill where they’ll spot a bridge where they’ll find some delicious apples both in the tree and on the ground.

Where to find and buy apples in Genshin Impact
Apple locations in Liyue. (Picture: Genshin Impact Interactive Map)

Where to purchase apples in Genshin Impact

If travellers aren’t ready to invest time to harvest apples, there are a few vendors for which you can spend some Mora on. In the Liyue Harbour, look for Bolai at the Wanyou Boutique who would be more than happy to sell up to 10 apples for 240 Mora each.

Come back every three days to purchase more apples if travellers haven’t opted to harvest by then. To find Bolai’s market stand, from the northern Teleport Waypoint, find the Northern Wharf, east of the waypoint, where just under the wharf he can be found on a platform to the right.

Where to find and buy apples in Genshin Impact
Bolai has apples to sell if you have the Mora to spend. (Picture: miHoYo)


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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.