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How To Find Hyakki Yako Parades In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Here's where you can encounter the Hyakki Yako parade in Ghostwire: Tokyo.
How To Find Hyakki Yako Parades In Ghostwire: Tokyo

While it's not a horror game, there are plenty of terrifying encounters in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Whether it's a yokai you randomly stumble on while exploring the different districts of the game, or a good old boss battle in the main story, Ghostwire: Tokyo often puts you in spooky situations where combat is the only solution. 

The Hyakki Yako parade is one such terrifying encounter. While exploring the open world, sometimes you may notice a ghostly procession making its way through the desolate city streets. It's a sight to behold and easily one of the most memorable encounters in the game. But how do you find Hyakki Yako parades in Ghostwire: Tokyo? Read our guide to find out. 

Hyakki Yako parade location in Ghostwire: Tokyo

hyakki yako parade
The Hyakki Yako parade is a random encounter in Ghostwire: Tokyo. (Picture: Shreyansh / Bethesda)

The Hyakki Yako parade in Ghostwire: Tokyo is a random encounter that mostly occurs in the Shibuya Crossings. It's the location from the opening cutscene where you witness the Hyakki Yao parade for the first time. You can find its exact location in the screenshot below.

hyakki yako parade
The Hyakki Yako parade occasionally passes through Shibuya Crossing. (Picture: Shreyansh / Bethesda)

While the Hyakki Yako parade encounter is random, you won't see it appear on the HUD or the map. The only way to come across it is by frequently visiting Shibuya Crossings. You may also encounter the Hyakki Yako parade while exploring Tokyo's other broader streets, like the ones near Mikubo Shrine and Shimokusa Shrine. The possibility of it appearing anywhere except Shibuya Crossings is relatively low, so we recommend frequently visiting that over anywhere else. 

Before the Hyakki Yako parade arrives, the traffic lights will start flickering, and you will hear mysterious folk music in the background. It's your cue to get ready for a fight. The Hyakki Yako parade is an accumulation of lost spirits, which you can absorb and transfer to the other world. 

However, before you do that, you have to defeat waves of enemies. Completing this encounter can be incredibly challenging, so if you're anything under level 15, we recommend holding off until you have unlocked more abilities. 

The Hyakki Yako parade encounters are a great source of spirits, and completing them will allow you to get the "Hero of Shibuya" trophy/achievement relatively quickly.