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All Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Locations

Unlock your true potential with our guide on how to find all of the Jizo Statues and their locations in Ghostwire Tokyo.
All Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Locations

Whether you're new to the game or a veteran spirit slayer, it's no secret that Ghostwire Tokyo can be challenging, and knowing how to increase your strength is vital to your survivability. One way you can do this is through the Jizo Statues that are scattered throughout the game. 

Finding these Jizo statues can be tough at times as they are often placed in obscure spots and hidden away. So to help you, we've created a fully comprehensive guide on how to find all the Jizo Statue locations in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo All Jizo Statue Locations how statues work
Jizo statues grant you one elemental buff, so finding them all will grant you immense power. (Picture: Bethesda)

All Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Locations 

Before checking out our list of guides on the topic, you should know how Jizo Statue works. Each one will provide you with a permanent SP boost to either your Wind, Fire, and Water abilities, depending on the statue type you find. 

So for instance, finding a Fire Jizo statue will grant you a Fire SP boost, and so on. There are a total of 30 Wind statues, 7 Fire statues, and 15 Water statues, and below you can find a comprehensive list of our guides covering how to find each of them in all of the areas in the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo All Jizo Statue Locations Benefits and uses
Once your abilities start growing with the help of the Jizo statues, you'll be able to overcome any enemy the game throws at you. (Picture: Bethesda)

And there you have it, the location of every Jizo Statue in Ghostwire Tokyo. Remember that most of these areas unlock once completing Chapter 4, so consider doing that first before you begin hunting for the statues in the many Shrine and Torii Gate areas