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Ghostwire Tokyo: Jizo Statue Locations In Kirigaoka Shrine Region

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to find the Jizo statue located in the Kirigaoka shrine region in Ghostwire: Tokyo.
Ghostwire Tokyo: Jizo Statue Locations In Kirigaoka Shrine Region

Jizo statues are spread throughout the map of Ghostwire Tokyo and can give you an elemental power boost if you find them. As you advance through the game, it becomes increasingly difficult, and locating these statues and buffs becomes essential to your success.

This guide will assist you in locating the Jizo Statues in the Kirigaoka shrine area of Ghostwire Tokyo. By discovering these power-ups, you will be better equipped to take on the challenges that the game throws at you. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Kirigaoka Shrine Jizo Statue Locations

To find the Jizo statues in Ghostwire Tokyo, players must explore various areas of the game, some of which may initially be locked. It is recommended that players begin searching for Jizo statues after completing Chapter 4. After this point, most of the Jizo statue locations became accessible, including the one located in the Kirigaoka Shrine region.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Location Kirigaoka Jizo statue mechanics
Jizo statues are ways in which players can permanently buff their elemental abilities. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

It's important to note that each Jizo statue provides a unique elemental buff. For example, finding a Wind Jizo statue will grant the player a Wind elemental buff. Keep this in mind when searching for the statues to make the most of their power-ups.

The Kirigaoka Shrine area contains two Jizo statues for players to find. While they can be difficult to find, using our breakdown of each of the locations below, you should be able to find them easily. 

Jizo Statue 1: Wind Statue (Wind SP +1)

Finding the first statue is quite simple, especially if you've completed the main quest in the area called "Agony". If you have, then you would naturally encounter this statue on the path north through the forest from the shrine, heading towards the pillar of lights heart.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Location Kirigaoka Statue 1
The location of the first Jizo statue in Kirigaoka Shrine. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

If you haven't done this mission, however, simply head northwest from the shrine through the forest. For a more detailed look at this location, check out our map image provided above. 

Jizo Statue 2: Wind Statue (Wind SP +1)

The second statue can be found in the northwest part of the shrine region as well, only this time it's tucked further away in the corner of the area. It's slightly harder to find since it's in the middle of a forest and there aren't any nearby landmarks. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Location Kirigaoka Statue 2
The location of the second Jizo statue in Kirigaoka Shrine. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

The best way to describe its location is that you can find it near the Kodama Yokai's location, propped up against a tree. As always you can use your Spectral Vision ability to locate it once you're near the location marked in the image above. 

And there you have it, the location of both Jizo statues in the Kirigaoka Shrine area. Finding them both will grant you powerful wind buffs that will be vital as the enemies get stronger in the game.