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Gran Turismo 7 post-launch content - New cars, courses and more

The Gran Turismo 7 post-launch content plans include new cars, courses, features, improvements and more coming in future updates.
Gran Turismo 7 post-launch content - New cars, courses and more
With a vast array of content from beautiful tracks spread across various regions and a mammoth car list, the latest instalment of the iconic racing franchise, Gran Turismo 7, looks spectacular. It is filled with content for players to enjoy, and fans should be ecstatic to know that the GT Simulation Mode has made a triumphant return. Just as exciting, however, is that developer Polyphony Digital and Sony have some big plans in terms of Gran Turmiso 7 post-launch content.

While the developer did not go into a lot of detail, we now know what players can expect in future updates for Gran Turismo 7 following the game's successful launch on 4th March 2022.

Gran Turismo 7 post-launch content plans

Gran Turismo 7 post-launch content updates new cars courses features improvements
More cars and courses are just a piece of the post-launch content plan! (Picture: Polyphony Digital/Sony)

With the launch of Gran Turismo 7 on 4th March 2022 for PS4 and PS5 systems, the developer Polyphony Digital wasted no time teasing the post-launch content coming to their latest and possibly greatest title yet.

Via a short but sweet post on the game's official website, the developer noted the additional content and improvements that are planned to be added to Gran Turismo 7 with "future updates".

Players can expect the following list of improvements and content via Gran Turismo 7 updates in the future, now that the game has officially been released:

  • New courses.
  • New cars.
  • New World Circuits events.
  • More Mission races.
  • More Music Rally songs.
  • More engine parts to swap.
  • New Lobby features.
  • New Time Trials for 'Sport' mode.
  • Improvements to the penalty algorithm and overall quality of online races.
Gran Turismo 7 post-launch content updates new cars courses features improvements
Expect new missions and songs in future Gran Turismo 7 updates! (Picture: Polyphony Digital/Sony)

With roughly 420 cards already and a tonne of content, these post-launch plans for Gran Turismo 7 are impressive, to say the least. The developers also noted that Gran Turismo 7 is "ever-evolving" but did not provide any release dates for the future content.

We can't wait to get more detail about the post-launch content for Gran Turismo 7, and we endeavour to update our readers once Polyphony Digital and Sony share some more information on the matter.

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What is abundantly clear, however, is that despite the massive amount of cars (over 400) available at launch and the numerous tracks/courses and regions, the developer is far from done.


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Featured image courtesy of Polyphony Digital / Sony.