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Aliens Spotted in GTA 6 Trailer Makes Us Want To Believe

Eagle-eyed fans think they might have spotted aliens in GTA 6, giving more credit to the leaked events list from a couple of years ago.
Aliens Spotted in GTA 6 Trailer Makes Us Want To Believe
Rockstar Games

There have been some signs of alien life and UFOs in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise, with Michael's hallucination in Did Somebody Say Yoga? the Mount Chiliad drawing, and a secret supply mission in GTA Online, to name but a few. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that GTA 6 might have aliens, and some eagle-eyed fans appear to have spotted one in the game's first trailer!

Well, just call me Fox Mulder because I really want to believe that what fans have spotted is real. From the looks of it, GTA 6 might feature aliens, either as some Easter Eggs or maybe even a bigger part of the game...but that's just me being hopeful.

The image below, posted by GTA 6 Countdown on Twitter (X), showcases what appears to be either an alien or a poorly rendered NPC. 

Grand theft Auto GTA 6 aliens UFO spotted trailer
Is that an alien in GTA 6, or just a poorly rendered NPC? We'll let you decide! (Picture: Rockstar Games / GTA 6 Countdown)

The full post, which you can view below, shows how far fans had to zoom in to spot the supposed alien.

Now, it is important to remember that this is by no means an official confirmation of aliens in GTA 6. 

However, there is some other "evidence" as well, since the leaked GTA 6 event list from all the way back in 2022 does mention UFOs several times.

GTA 6's trailer almost broke the internet. In case you've been abducted by little green aliens (or tall grey ones!) and missed it, check it out below. The alien was spotted 22 seconds into the trailer.

Will GTA 6 have aliens? We hope so! However, please remember to take information such as this with a grain of salt, as this is all theory and speculation brought on by what appears to be a grey figure in the water spotted in the game's first trailer...