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GTA 6 News Might Be Coming Very Soon, As Actor Teases Vice City

Grand Theft Auto 6 news might be coming soon, according to an actor's Instagram post.
GTA 6 News Might Be Coming Very Soon, As Actor Teases Vice City

Grand Theft Auto fans who have been hoping for some GTA 6 news are in luck after one of the game's supposed actors posted a GTA-esque image to Instagram, perhaps hinting that Rockstar might have more information about the game coming soon. The image was posted amidst heavy recent speculation about the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date.

The image in question was posted by Bryan Zampella, an actor whom many believe will play a role in GTA 6 following a series of previous posts on his Instagram. The picture, posted on 15 May 2023, showed Zampella wearing a backward cap and leaning back in front of some palm trees. Seeing that Grand Theft Auto is set in Miami, it seems like a pretty clear reference.

bryan zampella
Many fans speculate that Bryan Zampella may play the role of Jason in GTA 6. (Picture: Bryan Zampella - Instagram)

It makes even more sense that Zampella might be hinting at news about GTA 6 coming soon given his past track record of Instagram content. Prior to this recent post, in 2016, Zampella posted a picture of himself with one of Rockstar Games' camera artists. Again in 2022, Zampella lightly referenced ties to Grand Theft Auto by including the hashtag "#vicecity" in a caption.

Once again after that 2022 post, Rockstar released some GTA 6 gameplay, showing new characters Jason and Lucia. This is when fans began to heavily speculate that Bryan Zampella might be playing Jason, giving his many resemblances to the actor.

Looking at all of the content Zampella has posted, it definitely seems like some more announcements about Grand Theft Auto 6 might be coming soon from Rockstar. That said, nothing is confirmed yet, so fans will have to stay tuned.

For now, that's all we know about GTA 6. While a release date hasn't been announced yet, it's very likely that more news might be just around the corner.