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Rumored GTA 6 Actor Could Be Teasing Vice City

A rumored GTA 6 actor could be teasing a return to Vice City.
Rumored GTA 6 Actor Could Be Teasing Vice City

It's been a decade now since Grand Theft Auto V was released, and as with any game released by Rockstar, fans immediately started looking forward to the next game in the series once they'd beat the game. Last year a series of detailed leaks appeared online about Grand Theft Auto 6, but Rockstar declined to ever comment on the leaks or state if the game was doing well in production. Now, however, it appears that one of the rumored actors for the game may be teasing a return to Vice City. 

Bryan Zampella rumored lead actor of GTA 6, has posted an image on his Instagram which shows him wearing a grey tank top and a backward red and white cap while a song from the Vice City soundtrack plays. While this may seem innocuous, he looks extremely similar to the leaked image of Jason from the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks. 

With presentation season fast approaching, eyes are on Rockstar to see whether they will show up to announce anything, or if we'll be waiting another year for an announcement.