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GTA 6 Trailer Leaks Before Its Official Reveal Drives Fans Crazy

Recent leaks have surfaced that may reveal new details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer.
GTA 6 Trailer Leaks Before Its Official Reveal Drives Fans Crazy

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the next installment, GTA 6, since the launch of GTA V in 2013. More recently, however, leaks from Brazilian YouTuber SanInPlay, who has a rather rocky history of providing accurate information, suggest that an upcoming trailer for the game will include more details about the series' new protagonist.

Following the latest major hack that Rockstar endured last year, it's widely established that GTA 6 will feature two protagonists, including a Latin woman named Lucia and her love interest Jason. However, the trailer does reportedly offer some new details. According to SanInPlay, the leaked GTA 6 trailer hints at the possibility of a prison break sequence.

The YouTuber also described some of the visuals in the GTA 6 trailer, including a lizard crossing the street, dogs having fun on the beach, and Lucia in a prison yard. Unfortunately, the trailer does not offer details about the second protagonist, Jason. To be clear, SanInPlay didn't explicitly share the trailer, which does raise several eyebrows.

Further than that, the leaker didn't mention anything else, only that a trailer would be coming, and that's what we can expect to see. It's worth noting that SanInPlay has a (dubious) track record of accurately leaking information about the game, having correctly predicted Lucia's name and ethnicity before the recent hack of Rockstar's servers. However, as with any leak, it's important to take this information carefully until Rockstar provides official confirmation.

GTA is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed video game franchises of all time. The open-world action-adventure games, developed and published by Rockstar Games, are known for their immersive storylines, vast open worlds, and a wide range of activities to engage in. The series has sold over 150 million copies worldwide and has won numerous awards.

While Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed any details about GTA 6, fans eagerly anticipate any official news about the game's development. Whether or not the recent leak proves to be true, the Grand Theft Auto franchise continues to be one of the most highly-anticipated game series among players and critics alike.