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Halo Championship Series partners with Esports Engine for Halo Infinite

343 Industries is hoping to give Halo Infinite a major competitive push by joining forces with organisation Esports Engine.
  • Halo Infinite esports will be managed by Esports Engine
  • The organisation has a long history with Halo events and will be helping to create an infrastructure 
  • Halo Infinite is set to be released later this year
  • While we’ve seen barely anything about Halo Infinite outside cinematic trailers, developer 343 Industries is already attempting to a build a competitive foundation.  

    In a blog post, Esports Engine was announced as the global management partner for the Halo Championship Series when Halo Infinite releases later this year.  

    Esports Engine is a management organisation from the co-founders of Major League Gaming, and will assist in building the ecosystem design, format, league operations and broadcasts for Halo Infinite tournaments.  

    Adam Apicella, CEO of Esports Engine, said: “We are extremely excited to work with 343 Industries as their Global Management Partner and leverage our rich Halo history and 20 years of esports operations experience to help build the best program for players, fans, teams, and tournament operators around the world. 

    “From our experience running Halo for so many years and also being a third party operator trying to make ends meet – now being able to help design a program that’s something the fans want, something the players want, that’s great for the teams, great for the other operators – it's super exciting to be involved in a such a monumental project.” 

    Halo Infinite is set to be released later this year alongside Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, and will be the third mainline entry in the series developed by 343 Industries.  

    It’s a promising sign Microsoft wants to give Halo’s competitive scene greater support, although the real test will be whether Halo Infinite can give a reason to get excited about the franchise once again.