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Best gaming controllers: Classics and new releases

Let's look at some of the most prominent gaming controllers across brands and platforms. Do you own one of them? Do you think another one should be on our list? Let us know!
Best gaming controllers: Classics and new releases

There were times when the gaming controller had no worth, despised by the community for poor design and construction. There were controllers like MadCatz that were hated to the point people still have lingering memories to this day. Though, time is now different, and so is the quality of controllers, courtesy of saviors like Astro and Scuf. Many other manufacturers revolutionized and breathed a new life into the controller sector for the sake of the emerging gaming community. Here are a few of the most prominent controllers of all time that are widely popular across multiple platforms.


Xbox One Wireless Controller

Xbox One Wireless Controller supports Xbox Series X and Series S

Almost anyone will agree that when it comes to gaming with a controller, there are very few controllers that match the standards of Xbox One Wireless Controller. The most impressive feature of this controller is that it is perfect for PC gaming. It comes with the option to either connect via Bluetooth or by using an Xbox One Wireless adapter. As most of the PC games come with the Xbox controller support feature beforehand, it saves the hassle to map the buttons or configure the inputs for the buttons on your controller. It has twice the benefit if you play using xCloud or Games Pass.

Most gamers will have no problem using this fabulous Xbox One controller whatsoever, but people with shorter or larger hands might need to research before making the final call. Aside from a seamless PC gaming experience, gamers will have no issue purchasing it today, as it fully supports Xbox Series X and Series S, meaning this controller still has a long life ahead of it. 


SteelSeries Stratus Duo

SteelSeriesStratusDuoSteelSeries Stratus Duo, an excellent controller across devices

There is a weird misconception regarding SteelSeries Stratus Duo that it is only for VR headsets and mobile users. But people can be no more wrong as it is one of the best controllers that works perfectly with a handful of devices. If you are a PC gaming enthusiast, this controller will set up a solid foundation for your needs at a reasonable price of around 60$ only. Stratus Duo comes alongside its unique 2.4Hz dongle and has a built-in battery that offers up to 20 hours of extended gameplay sessions. 


There is also no hassle in setting it up as the Windows 10 recognizes the controller on its own as an Xbox controller. It implies that you will not have to go through the boring procedure of remapping any buttons. Aside from the controller lacking rumble, SteelSeries Straus Duo is an excellent gaming controller across multiple devices


Logitech F310



There are times when a devoted mouse and keyboard user feel the curiosity of using a controller dwelling up inside him. There are multiple titles nowadays that involve the real-life elements into the gameplay more often, such as Grand Theft Auto V. For such games, the Logitech F310 is an ideal choice to have a feel of controller, have a blast crashing the vehicles, and anything you desire at a considerably low cost of only around 15$. This controller comes with everything you wish for a quality controller to have, including bumper and triggers, four face buttons, dual joysticks, and an eight directional D-Pad. There is a high chance that you might end up developing feelings for controllers in the process as well.


DualShock 4



When it comes to PlayStation controllers, they have always been the best in performance. Still, they lack in the design department, considering Sony made no changes until PS3 after introducing the DualShock controller. Though, looking at the 4th generation, Sony’s design department poured their soul into coming up with notable changes in the design of DualShock 4. The controller feels comfortable to hold in your hands, and thumbsticks function brilliantly, making it much better than its ancestors.  

Although the release of PS5 controllers is just around the corner, it will be disrespectful not to appreciate the years of services DualShock 4 carried remarkably. It does not mean that the PS4 controller is dead as the DualSense will further overhaul the already peaked potential of DualShock 4 in more ways than one


Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai


When you are playing fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter on PC, landing combos effectively without your hands getting soar can be challenging on a keyboard or regular controller. If you want to step up your gameplay and improve much faster at the fighting games, it is never late to switch over to the Hour Real Arcade Pro V Kai.

This exceptional work of art came into existence through the collaborations between two talented and creative minds, Capcom and Hori. The Real Arcade Pro V Kai comes with a solid build and flashy design, making it fall under a rather high-tier choice. Furthermore, the well-crafted Hayabusa buttons and joystick give you that nostalgic and realistic feel of real arcades. You can also switch between the controls and convert the joystick into a D-pad or the standard Xbox thumbtacks. It is a perfect partner that will help you reach greater heights in your favorite fighting games.


Do you agree with our list? Comment below to share your feedback or help us discover new controllers!