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PlayStation 5 memes are already here, and they are hilarious

PlayStation 5 design has been finally revealed, and of course, PS5 meme storm has already begun.

The Future of Gaming Presentation is over, and we saw trailers and announcements for almost 30 new games.

But, of course, the biggest star of Sony's presentation was the reveal of the console itself. We finally had a chance to see PlayStation 5 and its design.

ps5 memes
The PlayStation 5 console (Picture: Sony)

ps5 memes playstation 5 memes
The PS5 console on its side (Picture: Sony) 

It is definitely interesting and different design, with some noticeable curves, a two-colour scheme and a lot of open space for ventilation.

Opinion on design are split, some like it, while others not, but what's common for everyone is that they all want to have some good laughing.

And of course, the memes were born, just hours after the console reveal.

PS5 Memes


ps5 playstatin 5 memes

ps5 playstatin 5 memes

ps5 playstatin 5 memes

ps5 playstatin 5 memes

best ps5 memes

ps5 playstatin 5 memes

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