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Google Reportedly Testing New Game Streaming Service

Just when you thought they were done.
Google Reportedly Testing New Game Streaming Service

Google is reportedly testing another game streaming service, this time via YouTube.

According to an email obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the new product is internally titled 'playables' and will allow users to play games either on mobile or on the computer through the YouTube app.

Something unclear from the obtained email is whether the technology used will be the same as Google Stadia, Google's previous foray into video games which crashed and burned due to a lack of adoption from a wider market. It's also unclear as to whether we can expect a similar library to Netflix's game selection, or if Google intends to do something similar to Stadia and obtain AAA titles for the service.

Stadia was closed down earlier this year, after only being active for a grand total of just over three years and not receiving anywhere near the level of support that Google expected it to get. Even games such as Metro Exodus, Final Fantasy XV, Borderlands 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 couldn't get people to buy into the service, with gamers opting instead to pick up new consoles and play games using them. 

Since then, Google has tried to re-use the Stadia technology, offering it to third parties so they can use it in their services. However, this has also since stopped being supported.