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Leak Suggests the PS5 Pro Might Feature a mysterious 'Spectral Super Resolution' And More

A recent leak hints at upcoming enhancements for the PS5 Pro, including a Spectral Super Resolution feature. Below, we'll delve into the details.
Leak Suggests the PS5 Pro Might Feature a mysterious 'Spectral Super Resolution' And More

Numerous Sony enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated updates regarding the forthcoming iteration of the PS5, dubbed the PS5 Pro. Despite a period of silence, recent rumors have reignited interest. Notably, there are whispers of the console incorporating a novel feature termed "Spectral Super Resolution."

If this revelation piques your curiosity and you're keen on learning more, you've landed on the right page. Here, we'll delve into all the available details surrounding the speculated Spectral Super Resolution feature expected to debut with the PS5 Pro, along with potential accompanying features.

Leak Suggests the PS5 Pro Might Feature a Mysterious 'Spectral Super Resolution' And More

As mentioned previously, information regarding the PS5 Pro has been scarce. However, Tech YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead, known for occasional leaks, uploaded a video on March 14 showcasing documents he claimed originated "from within Sony." According to these alleged documents, the PS5 Pro is internally dubbed "Trinity" and appears to offer substantial enhancements over the base PS5.

Leak Suggests PS5 Pro Will Feature New Resolution Better than current model
Based on the leaks and what the PS5 Pro might achieve, it will be hands down better than the base model PS5. (Picture: Sony)

The most notable claim made by the leaker is that the PS5 Pro delivers performance 45 percent faster than the base console, with ray tracing speeds purportedly two to four times faster. Additionally, it is said to feature a custom machine-learning architecture for something known as PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR).

For further context, the video is available below, but essentially, the PSSR functionality is expected to operate akin to AMD’s FSR2 or Nvidia’s DLSS technologies, maximizing game performance. With initial support at 4K and eventual expansion to 8K and beyond, it certainly sets a high standard for Sony.

Moreover, to elevate performance to new heights, the leaked documents suggest the PS5 Pro will boast a record-breaking 33.5 teraflops. Teraflops, a unit measuring a computer's overall speed, were highlighted in the Xbox Series X's 2020 reveal, which touted 12 teraflops.

This implies that the PS5 Pro will be approximately three times faster than the Series X and the base PS5, potentially making it the fastest console on the market. While this claim is significant, its validity remains uncertain until confirmed by official sources. Therefore, it is advisable to approach this information with caution until further official details emerge.

Many players are pondering whether high-performance hardware should be Sony's current focus, especially considering the absence of major IPs releasing anytime soon. Sony may intend a two-pronged approach, with the PS5 Pro serving as a precursor to forthcoming games designed to fully leverage the hardware. However, as always, definitive answers must await further news and developments.