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News > Hardware

Xbox One X sales skyrocket as Microsoft's branding confuses consumers trying to buy Series X

The current-gen hardware saw an extraordinary 747% increase in sales at Amazon just as the Series X and S pre-orders went live.
Xbox One X sales skyrocket as Microsoft's branding confuses consumers trying to buy Series X

The importance of a properly executed marketing campaign can't be understated for companies looking to deliver a clear and intuitive message to consumers, and it seems Microsoft may have missed the mark with the Xbox Series X.

Series X vs Xbox One X

Originally a source of mockery (for a good reason), the names chosen by Microsoft for the next evolution of the Xbox brand seemed rather derivate, perceived more as a slight upgrade to their current-gen offerings as opposed to being a full-fledged next-gen piece of hardware.

As it turns out, the concerns weren't unfounded, with statistics backing up that plenty of people have not yet understood that the Xbox One X and the Series X are two totally different consoles.

Amazon Associate and founder of Nintendo Deals, Andrew Alerts, shared via his Twitter account that sales of the Xbox One X skyrocketed at Amazon, going as far as seeing an increase of 747%, just as the pre-orders for both the Series X and Series S went live.


This massive oversight is being compared to that of the Wii U debacle, as Nintendo did everything in their power to let people know it was, in fact, a new console and not just a Wii add-on only to fail spectacularly with sales taking a nosedive almost single-handedly ruining the company.

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While we don't think the Xbox Series X will take a hit in sales as dramatic as the Wii U's, we're sure more than a few households will be disappointed when they realise they got their hands on the wrong Xbox.