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Top 5 essential accessories for your gaming room

Want to build your own gaming fortress? We take a look at the essential accessories that will take your gaming room to the next level.
Top 5 essential accessories for your gaming room

Your gaming room is your palace; a place where you can relax, play games, watch esports or just chill out with friends.  

If you have a dedicated room for gaming, then don't stop there. There are always new accessories to add to your gaming room that can make it even better.  

We take a look at the must-have gaming accessories that will change your gaming room from a simple peasants' quarters to a king's court. 

A gaming chair 

If there is one thing you should never skimp out on, it is a gaming chair. Gaming chairs come in all colours and sizes, with some being designed with the utmost quality in mind.  

For those long gaming sessions, a good gaming chair not only keeps you comfortable but helps you sit in the correct position so you don’t injure your back. 

Some of the best gaming chairs out there include ones from the Secret Lab Titan and Throne series and Vertagear. There are loads of options to choose from outside of the two examples, so look around, read reviews about specific models and always keep comfort as a top priority. 

Decorating pro tip: Your gaming chair should also match your gaming room colour scheme. 

Gaming chair
Gaming chair - Cooler Master Caliber R1 Special Edition (Picture: Monténé Cilliers)

Anti blue light glasses 

Long gaming sessions can put a strain on your eyes, no matter how good you think your eyes might be. Enter anti blue light glasses. It is an essential accessory that every serious gamer should have in their gaming room.  

There are a number of anti blue light glasses to choose from, with a high-end example being the Gunnar Gaming Glasses. These glasses are engineered to eliminate digital eye strain and block blue light. They prevent dry eyes, minimizes glare and even helps you sleep better. 

Cable management accessories 

There are a plethora of cable management accessories you can use in your gaming room. If you are going for a fancy look, or just hate it when cables are everywhere, then acquiring a cable management system is essential. 

There are custom cable management systems gamers build themselves, which is arguably the ideal way to get all your cables in order for your specific setup.  

However, there are also neat accessories to help you deal with your cable problems. A prime example is the Razer Mouse Bungee V2 or, for your TV and consoles, there's the Samsung One Connect Box that comes with QLED TVs. 


Lighting to set the mood 

There is no shortage of custom and store-bought lighting solutions. A good lighting system truly sets the mood for a gaming room.  

You can go all out with RGB in your gaming case, RGB desk fans and everything in between. The most important part of a lighting system in your gaming room, however, is it should be consistent and convey a specific colour scheme or theme. Check out a fantastic example of a green lighting system below. 

Green computer scheme
You could have this lush green setup (Picture: Zahir Abdul Hamid

Fight the heat 

If you are running multiple setups, or have various gaming devices in your gaming room, the area can get hot quickly. This is especially true when you have a soundproof system in place as well. Therefore, good ventilation or fans are key to a cool atmosphere in your gaming room. 

There are thousands of products available, from your standard ceiling fans to air coolers/conditioners. With that said, you don't need to go all out with this one. Instead, at the very least, just get a few desk fans or just a standard portable fan like you can see in the image below.  

If you want some more RGB lighting in your room, go for something like the JUSTUP RGB Programmable Personal Table Cooling Fan

Gaming setup
Set the gaming binge mood with lighting (Picture: Ruan Smalberger) 


Closing Thoughts 

After you've got the must-have accessories sorted out, your gaming room still needs some flare. 

Collectables, storage cabinets or display cases for your games take a gaming room to the next level. If you love esports, specifically Dota 2, then try to get your hands on the Baby Roshan statues from The International tournaments, or the Collector's Aegis of Champions replicas that will remind you of some of the greatest moments in esports history. 

Alternatively, you can try and get your hands on a retro arcade machine to impress any and all gamers entering your gaming room.