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What are the best VR headsets for iPhone?

We list the best iPhone VR headsets for gamers available to buy in 2020. Tested and approved, these headsets are exactly what you need if you want to play on iPhone, no matter what model.
What are the best VR headsets for iPhone?

In recent years, there has been significant growth and technological advancements in the VR sector. We even discussed the best VR headsets for gamers on a budget earlier this year.

Though most of the high-end devices cost a fortune, VR headsets for iPhone provide a quality gaming experience and access to a handful of applications at the cheapest rates possible. Many VR devices support standard iPhone sizes like 8, X, and even 11. Most of the VR headsets do not support larger sizes, such as iPhone 11 Pro Max, so you might want to do some research before purchasing one for your iPhone. Excluding a few models, here are some VR headsets that work perfectly on most iPhone models.


Merge VR


When it comes to iPhone-based VR experience, Merge VR is the ideal option for both ease of access and smart features for various VR experiences for families and young ones alike. The device comes with a high-quality foam coating resistant to sudden drops and shaking and lightweight for all ages. Merge VR is open towards holding most of the Android and iOS smartphones when it comes to compatibility.

To avoid blurriness and weird angles, this VR headset comes with two spring-based buttons that you can slide across to position the lens-eye distance according to personal preferences. These two buttons are an excellent alternative to hand controls, which let you control the VR headset similar to binoculars by pressing the buttons. It provides for an excellent dual-controller experience, which is a requirement for most smartphone applications.

When it comes to Merge VR, there is an alternative to the standard app-based store, a website going by Merge Miniverse. This site offers a listing of all possible apps from Apple’s App Store compatible with this VR headset. There are multiple categories on this site, such as short game, educational apps, Youtube 360 videos, and much more. The majority of the apps are free, but some require you to pay a few bucks; but all in all, Miniverse is a solid framework that becomes even more mainstream after signing up for the newsletter.

Bnext VR Headset


Bnext VR headset is an excellent headset that is friendly towards adults and children with highly adjustable features and a relaxing foam face brace. It comes with a highly versatile screen that supports HD and goes up to 4K resolutions, alongside 3D. It is challenging to adjust the VR headset lens when people of all ages use it simultaneously. In this regard, Bnext VR headset has much quicker and better settings to fix object and focal distance, which is essential in avoiding disruption during the movie sessions. It also comes with 180-degree and 360-degree turns, making it among the best iPhone VR headsets to explore and play games.

However, there is a significant downside to Bnext VR headset; it does not support devices with screen sizes above 6.3 inches. So, if your device is bigger than this size, then you might want to look for some large enough VR headset to contain your iPhone.


Google Cardboard


If you wish to get experience VR for the first time and are unsure about spending a lot of money on expensive products, Google Cardboard is the best choice at a low price of only around 10-20$. This Cardboard headset is fully compatible with the iPhone, and some of the product variants also come with a strap and NFC, which enables the application on command.

The official Cardboard VR from Google can fold as well and is a highly compact device. Though, the frame is not the strongest, and it might break apart if you handle it carelessly : it is called cardboard VR for a reason. But there is no doubt that it is the safest and cheapest option to introduce yourself and even kids into the world of VR.


Destek V5 VR Headset


Destek V5 is a premium grade VR headset and the fifth variant of the Destek VR headset for smartphones. It supports a wider field of vision by 110 degrees compared to 103 degrees that its previous model had to offer. Simultaneously, it also upscales the support for larger phone screen sizes and much wider lens-eye distance. The spongy face mask also comes off, so it lets you clean up the headset more precisely as well.

The lenses of Destek V5 reduce distortion to a greater extent with its non-spherical surface and come with anti-reflective coatings, support for most glasses, and anti-blue lightings. A special button lets you adjust the distance between pupils to align correctly with your eyes.

The device comes with slots on both sides to provide support for headphones and heat dissipation at the same time. It mainly depends on experiences available on the App Store instead of a proprietary application store. All you need to do to customize your experience is by scanning the QR on the lip. It can hold devices ranging between 5.5 to 6.5 inches, so any smaller or bigger phones might not be a perfect match for this VR headset.