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Xbox Is Releasing A Barbie Console

We're in their world now.
Xbox Is Releasing A Barbie Console

Xbox is releasing a Barbie-themed console alongside a selection of controllers to coincide with the release of the upcoming Barbie movie and content within Forza Horizon

The Xbox is, as you'd probably expect, bright pink and has the Barbie logo printed on the front. It looks to be an Xbox Series S model given the size and shape of the console, which means that it'll be digital only, meaning that you'll ironically not be able to play any Barbie discs on it. The controllers are also pink, but in various shades and patterns, with five different controllers available overall. 

These aren't actually full controller redesigns, however, instead being released as 'interchangeable Xbox Wireless Controller faceplates designed after Barbie and Ken's distinct on-screen outfits". The Xbox itself isn't purchasable by a wider audience, instead being given away by Microsoft as part of a competition starting on July 10. Xbox has done similar competitions in the past, giving away a Porsche-themed Xbox during Summer Game Fest that featured rainbows along with a massive Porsche 75 logo. Like the Barbie Xbox, it could be won through a sweepstake competition.