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Heroes Of The Storm
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News > MOBA > Heroes Of The Storm

All heroes in Heroes of the Storm are free from now until April 2nd

Blizzard is joining the long list of gaming companies that offer their games and in-game things for free during the outbreak.

Fans of Blizzard and their MOBA Heroes of the Storm will be delighted to hear that all heroes in the game are currently unlocked and will continue to be during the next two weeks, until April 2nd.


That's right, all of the 88 Heroes that are currently in the game are completely free, to play them in any game mode, be it Ranked, Unranked, Quick Match, or Custom games with AI and your friends.


Of course, when it comes to Ranked games, you first need to level up particular Hero to level 5 in order to be able to draft him for the ladder games. But that is something you need to do even when you own heroes because the game won't let you play them competitively unless you practice them first a little bit in Quick Match and other mods of playing.