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How To Get The Dragon Patronus In Hogwarts Legacy

Here are the answers you need to get the coveted Dragon Patronus charm in Hogwarts Legacy. Expecto Patronum!
How To Get The Dragon Patronus In Hogwarts Legacy

Step into the world of magic and adventure with Hogwarts Legacy! With a vast array of spells to cast and master, you'll have the chance to unleash your inner witch or wizard and take on the dangerous creatures that threaten the magical realm. One of the most powerful defensive spells in your arsenal is the Dragon Patronus, a powerful charm that protects you from the Dementors of Azakaban.

But acquiring this rare Patronus form is no easy feat. With its challenging requirements, many players are left wondering how to get the Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy. Don't miss your chance to add this powerful charm to your spellbook! Check out our guide to learn the secrets to conjuring the Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy. Expecto Patronum!

Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Dragon Patronus

The Patronus is a positive force, a projection of happiness that Dementors feed upon. (Picture: Wizarding World)

Before we begin, it's worth noting that the Patronus charm is not currently available in Hogwarts Legacy, according to a recent Twitter post by the publisher, Warner Bros. Games. That said, they did not explicitly state that it will not be added in the future. Therefore, this guide serves as a preface for the potential inclusion of the Patronus Charm in the game at a later date.

To get the rare Dragon Patronus charm in Hogwarts Legacy, you must go to the Wizarding World website and take the Patronus Charm Quiz. It is important that you answer every question exactly as indicated below. These questions must also be answered in the same order, so you should skip any questions that do not apply. By following these instructions, you can add the coveted Dragon Patronus charm to your spellbook.

dragon patronus hogwarts legacy
The Dragon Patronus is among the rarest Patronus charms in the wizarding world. (Picture: Wizarding World)

Dragon Patronus Answers On Wizarding World

You must select any of the following answers to the Patronus Charm Quiz on Pottermore:

  • Answer 1: Glow/Blade/Wind/Serve/Dance
  • Answer 2: Improve/Shadow/Salt/Cold/Blood/Rough
  • Answer 3: Escape/Preen/Sense/Earth/Around
  • Answer 4: Sometimes/Why/Free/Alone/Lost/Silent
  • Answer 5: Trust/Grey/Spirit/Impress/Touch
  • Answer 6: Sharp/Deep/Awake/Frost/Ripple/Hunt
  • Answer 7: Legend/Glory/Impossible/Bewitch/Jinx

It's worth noting that each question set provides two chances to select the correct answers. If the first set does not yield the desired result, you can choose a different response in the same set. However, if both answers in a set do not lead to the desired outcome, you can leave both choices and restart the quiz. Repeat this process until you receive the correct answer choices for the Dragon Patronus.

You'll have to be patient, as it may take several rounds of restarting the quiz to obtain the desired outcome for the Dragon Patronus. And that's everything you need to know about how to get the Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy.