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How To Level Up Fast In Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Way To Reach Max Level Cap

Reach the maximum level cap with these handy tips and tricks on leveling up faster in Hogwarts Legacy.
How To Level Up Fast In Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Way To Reach Max Level Cap

Game progression is essential in Hogwarts Legacy. And so is XP, as it allows you to increase your in-game level. This, in turn, grants you access to the Talents, boosting many of your combat abilities, spells, and skills. As a result, it's only natural that you might ask yourself: "What is the best way to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy?"

You'll start to understand just how important XP is as completing the main story and side quests locked behind a Level Requirement. Failure to meet the quest's requirements could mean being unable to progress further with the story. Fortunately, we have a solution. This guide explains how to farm XP faster to level up quicker and the best tips and tricks for Hogwarts Legacy.

REMINDER - Hogwarts Legacy was due to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, but now won't release until 5 May 2023.

What Is The Best Way To Level Up Fast In Hogwarts Legacy

The traditional route would be to complete the main story quests orderly and the related side quests to earn XP. While this may be acceptable, there are less tedious ways to rack up enough XP to gain Talent Points by leveling up so that you can take on far deadlier enemies and higher-ranked quests early in Hogwarts Legacy.

It's worth pointing out that the XP, rewards, and level system don't scale significantly. This means that the XP you earn in the early half of the game matches the XP earned late in-game. In addition, some quests have a "Suggested" or "Required" Level with different meanings. For instance, Suggested levels mean you can complete a quest regardless of your current level, while Required levels are the opposite. With that being said, let's look at how you can farm XP faster in Hogwarts Legacy:

hogwarts legacy farming guide xp level up leveling up quests suggsted level
All main and side quests will either have a "Suggested" or "Required" Level needed in order to complete them and earn rewards. (Picture: YouTube / Arekkz Gaming)

Battle Arenas

Hogwarts Legacy has a few combat arenas scattered through Hogwarts to test your skills by defeating waves of enemies. Luckily, you can replay them, and it can be a rewarding experience as you'll earn XP for each wave completed and finish the Duelling Feats objectives which give you bonus XP.

With two readily available for you to unlock in North Ford Bog and Irondale and a third, the Dark Arts Battle Arena is a pre-order exclusive located in the North Hogwarts Region. You can choose whichever Battle Arena to wish to repeat, defeat enemy waves and complete the Duelling Feats objective to gain plenty of XP to level up faster and finesse your combat skills.

Field Guides

Field Guides are a set of challenges where you can collect pages hidden throughout Hogwarts that comes with vital information. This often requires various Spells to reveal their location, using a broomstick for hard-to-reach pages or solving puzzles to uncover them.

hogwarts legacy farming guide xp level up leveling up battle areans combat skills duelling feats
Replaying the activities at the Battle Arena is the fastest and best way to earn XP to level up and earn Talent Points. (Picture: YouTube / Arekkz Gaming)

You can earn roughly 80 XP for each Field Guide page, and it's reported that there are over 200 pages to be found, meaning you can earn around 16,000 XP from the Field Guides alone. Do utilize the Floo Flame fast travel system to make traversal easier and more convenient if you wish to incur less combat while on the hunt for these pages.

As of writing, these are the only known methods for earning XP in Hogwarts Legacy, and given the nature of the Battle Arenas, we suggest taking advantage and replaying them to farm enough XP to level up fast. While Field Guides will take a considerable amount of time to locate, they're still worth every page as you'll receive rewards periodically.

We thank the YouTube channel Arekkz Gaming for the complete tutorial on farming XP fast in Hogwarts Legacy. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

How To Level Up Fast In Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Way To Reach Max Level Cap FAQ

What is the best way to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy?

Farm XP by replaying Battle Arenas and completing Duelling Feats for bonus XP. Collect Field Guide pages hidden throughout Hogwarts for additional XP rewards.

Can I earn XP by replaying Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, replaying Battle Arenas allows you to defeat waves of enemies, earning XP for each wave completed. Completing Duelling Feats objectives in Battle Arenas also grants bonus XP.

How can I earn XP through Field Guides in Hogwarts Legacy?

Field Guides offer challenges where you collect hidden pages throughout Hogwarts. Each page collected rewards around 80 XP. Use spells, broomsticks, and puzzle-solving to uncover them.