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Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Quest Walkthrough

As a Slytherin student, meet with Scrope the House-elf in the courtyard to help him locate a Black family heirloom in Hogwarts Legacy.
Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Quest Walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy players have plenty of activities, aside from attending class, to do around the Castle and its surrounding areas through the main and side quests. These allow you to learn more about the magical world as there are House-exclusive quests to complete, like Scrope's Last Hope.

This quest is a house-exclusive quest to those of House Slytherin and is the 14th quest in the main story campaign as you seek clues relating to the Missing Pages. We've detailed how to complete this quest and find the clue to the Missing Pages in Hogwarts Legacy.

REMINDER - Hogwarts Legacy was due to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, but now won't release until 5 May 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy: Scrope's Last Hope Quest Walkthrough

This quest starts with you locating Scrope's note somewhere within the courtyard. Specifically, the first note is found in the mouth of a Gryffin in the Clock Tower Courtyard area. The note states that it's not safe to speak in public as you follow the trail to the next note, which you can retrieve on top of a rock using Accio.

This note will lead you to a pumpkin patch, where using Revealio, you can find a note inside a larger pumpkin beside the building and destroy it. After finding the third note, you will be led down to the docks by the coast, where you'll meet Scrope where he begins to divulge details on the book you've found within the Restricted Section and that his former mistress, Apollonia Black, was aware of pages being ripped out.

Scrope later reveals that a grotto near the Castle may be connected to this mystery, and a family heirloom, a ring, may also be found there. Finally, he adds that you might also find a lead on finding the book's Missing Pages. After accepting his request, Scrope will hand over some toast, which must be placed atop a pedestal at the grotto, before investigating further.

hogwarts legacy quest guide scropes last hope apollonia black grotto pedestal toast offerring giant squid
Place the toast on the pedestal to uncover the secret passage to Apollonia Black's Grotto. (Picture: YouTube / Quests)

Be careful because, en route to the grotto, you'll find a Stoneback Dugbog nearby, which you'll need to eliminate. Once you arrive at the cave, you'll find a mural depicting a large squid and a pedestal close by. Place the toast on the pedestal, where the giant squid will come to life, and open up a secret passage.

Step through the secret passage into a hidden room. When you explore it, you'll find Apollonia's journal, and the ghost of Richard Jackdaw'll greet you. After informing him of how you found this location and your intended purpose, Richard explains that he sold the family ring while revealing he stole the pages. He explains that a map was found on them, leading to an "enchanted cave."

hogwarts legacy quest guide scropes last hope apollonia blacks grotto richard jackdaw map with floating candles
You can find the Map with Floating Candles in a chest after speaking with Richard Jackdaw. (Picture: YouTube / Quests)

Richard doesn't reveal much about what happened after that, but it's implied he met his demise as he proposes you meet him at a spot near the edge of the Forbidden Forest. He'll lead you to his final resting place as the pages are on his skeleton tucked within his waistcoat.

Using Revelio, a chest nearby contains a map with floating candles, which starts the side quest, Ghost of Our Love, but you must return to Scrope with the news. After informing Scrope that your quest had turned up unsuccessful, he'll thank you for your efforts before disappearing and concluding the quest, which you can begin the following quest, Jackdaw's Rest.

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Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Quest Walkthrough FAQ

How do I start the "Scrope's Last Hope" quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

To start the "Scrope's Last Hope" quest, you need to be a member of House Slytherin. Look for Scrope's note in the Clock Tower Courtyard area and follow the trail to progress the quest.

Where can I find the Missing Pages clue in the "Scrope's Last Hope" quest?

The Missing Pages clue can be found by placing toast on a pedestal in Apollonia Black's Grotto. This will reveal a secret passage leading to a hidden room where you can find Apollonia's journal and interact with the ghost of Richard Jackdaw.

What happens after completing the "Scrope's Last Hope" quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

After completing the "Scrope's Last Hope" quest, you can begin the next quest called "Jackdaw's Rest." The quest concludes with Scrope thanking you for your efforts, and you can continue your journey in the game.