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How To Get Seeds In Hogwarts Legacy

Here is our guide on how to get seeds to grow plants in Hogwarts Legacy.
How To Get Seeds In Hogwarts Legacy

In the Wizarding World, plants have many magical uses that wizards and witches will want for various reasons. Fluxweed is one of the most popular plants that players can grow in Hogwarts Legacy. The reason for that is Fluxweed can be used to create the Focus Potion which reduces cooldowns for spells in the game.

Potions are a big reason why plants such as Mandrakes are so important in Hogwarts Legacy. One of the key mechanics that players will have to learn in Hogwarts Legacy is how to grow magical plants in the game. To grow these plants, players will need a good source of seeds. Here, we are going to go over where players can find seeds in Hogwarts Legacy.

REMINDER - Hogwarts Legacy was due to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, but now won't release until 5 May 2023.

How To Get Seeds In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a game that holds many secrets. There are many items that are hidden around Hogwarts, so players might want to try exploring to find seeds. However, finding seeds is actually relatively easy in the game. There is one major location that players will need to go to if they are interested in getting seeds in Hogwarts Legacy.

If players want to get seeds, they will have to go to the Dogwood and Death Cap shop in Hogsmead. This shop will have all the plant-based materials that you will want in the game, including seeds to grow plants. Of course, buying seeds will cost money so be prepared to pay a good amount of cash to get the seeds that you need.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Find Seeds
Professor Garlick will teach you about seeds and how to grow them in Hogwarts Legacy. (Picture: Avalanche Software)

What Are Seeds Used For In Hogwarts Legacy?

Seeds have a large number of uses in Hogwarts Legacy. The main key thing that seeds are used for is to grow plants that can be turned into potions. These potions will give players a large number of buffs that they can have during fights. If some areas are too difficult for players, buying seeds to get potions might be the solution.

On top of that, there are certain main story points where players will have to either get a plant or create a potion to continue the main plot of the game. So buying seeds from the Dogwood and Deathcap might be the only way to sometimes continue the story in Hogwarts Legacy. Pay close attention to what the game is asking you to do to see if that is the case for you.

Hogwarts Legacy Where To Find Seeds
Whole plants are usually found in the wild in Hogwarts Legacy. (Picture: Avalanche Software)

How To Get Seeds In Hogwarts Legacy FAQ

Where can I find seeds in Hogwarts Legacy?

The primary location to acquire seeds in Hogwarts Legacy is the Dogwood and Death Cap shop in Hogsmead. This shop offers various plant-based materials, including seeds for growing magical plants in the game.

What are seeds used for in Hogwarts Legacy?

Seeds in Hogwarts Legacy serve multiple purposes. Their primary use is for growing plants that can be transformed into potions, providing valuable buffs during battles.

Can I find whole plants in the wild in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, in Hogwarts Legacy, you can discover whole plants in the wild. While seeds are primarily obtained through purchasing them at the Dogwood and Death Cap shop, there are instances where you may come across plants directly while exploring the game world.