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Honkai Star Rail Players Find New 1.2 Update "Disappointing"

Several Honkai Star Rail players have claimed the newest update did not live up to their expectations.
Honkai Star Rail Players Find New 1.2 Update "Disappointing"

Honkai Star Rail's 1.2 update is finally here and introduces a ton of new content into the game. New characters, new areas to explore, new boss battles, and more await Trailblazers as they climb back aboard the Astral Express. However, after no new story in Patch 1.1, needless to say, fans were clambering for some new main story content.

Unfortunately, many have expressed their disappointment in the newest update, in that it felt underwhelming and did not live up to their expectations. What exactly went wrong in Honkai Star Rail 1.2? Are these accusations unfounded, and are expectations too high? Let's find out. 

Honkai Star Rail Players Find New 1.2 Update "Disappointing"

Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail's newest update was met with mixed reception. (Picture: HoYoverse)

First and foremost, there is very little backlash concerning any of the new gameplay systems that have been released in Honkai Star Rail. Blade, Kafka, Memory of Xianzhou Forgotten Hall, and Simulated Universe World 7 have all been cited as great inclusions for the game. 

The main issue comes with the Trailblaze Missions - Honkai Star Rail's main storyline. As mentioned, there was no new story in Patch 1.1, so a lot of hype has been building to the conclusion of this arc. However, what fans received on patch day was a little over two and a half hours of the new storyline, which again ends on a cliffhanger. 

Compared to Genshin, this update feels a little lackluster, with not much to do after beating the short story missions. For the length of time, this patch has been in development, fans are worried that this will become a regular cycle for Honkai Star Rail, and new patches will all be sporadic and with very little content.

This new storyline took less time to complete than the Museum Management event, which was a side story in Patch 1.1. 

Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail 1.2 is the first patch to introduce new main story quests. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Despite the gorgeous cutscenes and new gameplay modes, Honkai Star Rail's story is what first attracted a lot of players during the game's launch. These players have been waiting patiently for new stories to arrive, and it is understandable why they would be disappointed with Patch 1.2.

Because Honkai Star Rail is very linear with no open world like Genshin Impact, the main story is a huge part of the time spent in the game. Hopefully, HoYoverse listen to the community's feedback and try to implement changes in their subsequent updates.