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Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Character Acheron Drip Marketing Revealed

Acheron has been officially revealed by HoYoverse!
Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Character Acheron Drip Marketing Revealed

Acheron is a character that fans have been waiting to arrive in Honkai Star Rail for a while now. The character was first teased in a previous Honkai Star Rail video showing off what wonders await players in the new region of Penacony. Now, Acheron has been officially revealed by HoYoverse in accordance with their drip marketing campaign. 

Acheron will be arriving in patch 2.1. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Acheron is a five-star Lightning Element Nihility Path character that will be coming to Honkai Star Rail in patch 2.1. She shares a similar visual design to Seele and the same combination of Paths and Elements as Kafka. 

Acheron is described as a representative of the Galaxy Rangers, a group of volunteer crime fighters who travel throughout the galaxy to combat crime. Trailblazers will meet Acheron during her visit to Penacony's feast hosted by The Family, the planet's rulers. 

Acheron's abilities have been revealed via leaks, but all of this information is subject to change up to and surrounding her inevitable release. We do not know much about the new region, Penacony, as well. However, an upcoming live stream for patch 2.0 will surely reveal tons of new information about the region and the characters.