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Best Honkai Star Rail Curios For Simulated Universe

These are the best Honkai Star Rail Curios to use in the Simulated Universe!
Best Honkai Star Rail Curios For Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe is one of the most enjoyable features of Honkai Star Rail. Playing through what is essentially a Roguelike dungeon crawler, Trailblazers will defeat enemies and pick up buffs while trying to survive on limited health and restoration items. Buffs, otherwise known as Blessings, are a core component of the Simulated Universe and can make or break a run in a lot of cases. However, another important aspect of the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe is Curios. 

Curios are another form of buff but are far more unique than Blessings. Curios typically offer huge boosts to your power but may come with an element of randomness or a potential drawback. So, if you want to know more about Honkai Star Rail Curios, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Honkai Star Rail Curios for the Simulated Universe!

Best Honkai Star Rail Curios For Simulated Universe

Honkai Star Rail
Curios provide your team with valuable buffs. (Picture: HoYoverse)

The Parchment That Always Eats

Effect: Upon entering battle, all enemies receive DMG equal to 30% of their respective max HP. 

Why It's Good: Going into every battle where all enemies start on 70%, HP is a great buff to have. Both for farming and higher-difficulty runs, The Parchment That Always Eats is hugely beneficial. Especially when it comes to taking on bosses with larger HP pools, this Curio is great for closing out longer battles much more quickly. 

The Doctor's Robe

Effect: Upon entering battle, regenerates Path Resonance to max and increases Path Resonance DMG by 40%.

Why It's Good: Path Resonance can greatly boost your damage in Simulated Universe. After choosing several Blessings that correspond to your starting Path, you will gain the option to select a Path Resonance, providing additional damage or benefits to your team. This is on a cooldown, but The Doctor's Robe helps to activate it sooner and deal more damage. 

Honkai Star Rail
There are currently 45 Curios in Honkai Star Rail. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Fortune Glue

Effect: When choosing your Blessings after winning a battle, all Blessings that appear are guaranteed to be of 3-star rarity. This Curio will be destroyed once this effect has been triggered 1 times.

Why It's Good: Three-Star Blessings are almost always a good choice to pick up, and Fortune Glue guarantees at least one of these will make it into your lineup of overall blessings. 

Shattered Star Bait

Effect: Increase Movement SPD by 20% when in map. During combat, characters' actions are Advanced Forward by 10% after they take action.

Why It's Good: This Curio is great for pushing allies ahead in the turn order and making more attacks. Additionally, if you are strong enough to farm the Simulated Universe without doing every battle, you can speed past enemies and head straight for the Elite Chamber!

And these are the best Honkai Star Rail Curios for the Simulated Universe!