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All Honkai Star Rail Game Modes, Explained

Check out our breakdown of all the available game modes in Honkai Star Rail.
All Honkai Star Rail Game Modes, Explained

At its core, Honkai Star Rail is an open-world turn-based RPG. Trailblazers will progress through several missions while defeating enemies, exploring new locations, and progressing the main story. However, there are turns of additional game modes to keep players occupied during their journey throughout the galaxy, and that is what we will be looking at today.

This article will cover all the available Honkai Star Rail game modes that players can try out when not advancing the main storyline. 

Honkai Star Rail
There are several game modes aside from the main story in Honkai Star Rail. (picture: HoYoverse)

All Honkai Star Rail Game Modes

As mentioned, there are tons of additional game modes available in Honkai Star Rail. Whether you enjoy traditional turn-based RPG strategy or turn-based Rogulike dungeon crawlers, there is certainly a Honkai Star Rail game mode for you. We'll break down each of the Honkai Star Rail game modes here, so you can see which ones you want to try out first!

Farming Areas

Over the course of the game, several areas will open up to Trailblazers, allowing them to efficiently farm for specific materials. These are known as Calyx stages, and each stage has a different reward type. Check out some information about Calyx stages below:

  • Calyx: Bud of Memories - EXP materials (character)
  • Calyx: Bud of Aether - EXP materials (Light Cone)
  • Calyx: Bud of Grit - Credits

Additionally, seven Calyx stages will rotate daily and provide Path-specific enhancement materials for both characters and Light Cones. The schedule can be found below:

  • Monday + Thursday: Erudition / Harmony
  • Tuesday + Friday: Hunt / Nihility
  • Wednesday + Saturday: Destruction / Preservation / Abundance
  • Sunday: All Calyx stages are open

Aside from Calyx stages, players can also farm here:

  • Stagnant SHadow: Character ascension materials.
  • Cavern of Corrosion: Relics.
  • Echo of War: Relics, Light Cones, and more. (Boss stage)

Forgotten Hall

Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall is a game mode where players will try to defeat a wave of enemies as quickly as possible. Depending on the total number of turns taken to defeat a group of enemies, players will acquire 0-3 stars. 

Depending on the number of stars acquired at the end of the run, Trailblazers can acquire rewards, including summoning currency like Stellar Jade. 

Honkai Star Rail
Complete side content to acquire materials and currency. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Simulated Universe

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe is a Roguelike mode where players will collect buffs while defeating waves of enemies. Before starting the dungeon, players will form a team of characters. Then, in Exploration Mode, players will have time to collect buffs and gather new allies. Once Exploration Mode is over, it is time for Challenge Mode. 

Challenge Mode is where players will use their accumulated buffs to take on several enemies and if completed successfully, acquire rewards.

And that's everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail game modes!