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How To Use Graffiti in Honkai Star Rail (To Take Pictures)

Here is how to use Graffiti in Honkai Star Rail!
How To Use Graffiti in Honkai Star Rail (To Take Pictures)

The Honkai Star Rail Starhunt event is well underway, and players are hard at work clearing out all of the graffiti left behind by Stellaron Hunter and ace hacker Silver Wolf. Players will need to complete several event missions in order to acquire the maximum number of rewards. There is plenty of incentive to get these missions done, as Trailblazers will be able to earn rewards, including Stellar Jade, Credits, and even a four-star event-limited Light Cone. Over the course of the event, players will be able to claim Silver Wolf's graffiti for their own. 

So, if you are ready to start using Silver Wolf's graffiti, you've come to the right place. This article will explain how to use Silver Wolf's graffiti to take pictures in Honkai Star Rail!

How To Use Graffiti in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail
There are 8 graffiti to choose from. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Players will be able to obtain eight graffiti markings to take pictures with by completing the Starhunt Game event. As you discover more of Silver Wolf's graffiti, you'll be able to add eight graffiti emblems to your collection. Then, you can start using the graffiti in order to take pictures! Here's how to do it:

  • Select the smartphone icon to access the main menu. 
  • Select the camera icon on the right side of the screen to access the camera. 
  • Next to the "camera" option, there will be a new option called "graffiti" that you can select. 
  • You can now choose from the menu on the left side which graffiti you want to spray. 
  • You can then switch back to the camera in order to take a picture of or with the graffiti.

Players will only be able to spray 8 graffiti at once before they are required to delete one of them. Additionally, graffiti can only be sprayed on a surface, such as a wall or the ground. There is also the option to Undo and Erase All if you make a mistake when spraying your graffiti. 

Honkai Star Rail
Play through the Starhunt Simulated Universe to find all the Hacking Callcards! (Picture: HoYoverse)

There is no in-game benefit to collecting graffiti, and it is simply for aesthetics. It is currently unknown whether or not this graffiti will be readily available after the Starhunt Game event ends. However, thanks to the recent inclusion of the Conventional Memoir, which allows players to replay past events, it is likely that the graffiti can be claimed even by new players. 

And that's everything you need to know about how to use graffiti in Honkai Star Rail.