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Is There a Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator?

If you're looking to test your gacha luck in Honkai Star Rail with unlimited pulls, then Wish Simulators are where it's at.
Is There a Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator?

Honkai Star Rail’s warp system is a near-carbon copy of Genshin Impact’s wishing feature, and while the gacha grind can be costly at times, some players replicate rolling for new characters by using free wish simulators. Genshin has had its fair share of wish sims become available on browser or via mobile app stores, but given that we’re still in Star Rail’s early days, it’s understandable to ask if HSR has received the same treatment yet.

If you’re looking to find out more about wish simulators and whether Honkai Star Rail has one yet, then read on for all you need to know.


What is a Wish Simulator?

A wish simulator is a free-to-use replication of Genshin Impact’s wishing system, usually made available via a website or app. Players use wish sims to roll for characters without spending any in-game Primogems or real cash, which can be some easy, risk-free fun to engage in. 

It’s important to remember that wish simulators don’t offer any real or transferable rewards, it’s just a simple, guilt-free way to simulate pulling for characters and weapons that you won’t actually keep. They’re also a perfect way to stave off the itch of doling out hard cash when you’ve run out of the few promotional codes available for free wish currency.

Does Honkai Star Rail have a Wish Simulator? 


At the time of writing, Honkai Star Rail does not have a dedicated warp simulator available on browser, but given that we are only early in the game’s lifecycle, one or more are likely to crop up soon. There’s currently a “Wish Simulator for Star Rail” app available on the Google Play store for Android mobile users, which provides a decent simulation, however, you’ll have to contend with ads while using it.

Given their popularity and ease of use, we hope a Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator to appear soon for browsers, but given its heavy use of animation in-game, it could take a little while for programmers to successfully replicate the system. In the meantime, while the game is still young, you should weigh up whether rerolling your account is worth it.