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Should You Pull Blade In Honkai Star Rail 1.2?

Here is our advice on whether or not to pull Blade in Honkai Star Rail!
Should You Pull Blade In Honkai Star Rail 1.2?

Blade is one of the most highly-anticipated characters set to arrive in Honkai Star Rail. This edge lord is a five-star Wind Element character who is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage. However, the caveat is that Blade uses his own health as a resource in order to make his attacks stronger. This means master Blade users will need to carefully balance both his Attack and HP stat in order to make sure neither one overshadows the other. So, if you are considering pulling for Blade, we have the information you need. Here is everything you need to know about whether or not to pull Blade in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail
Blade is a five-star character in Honkai Star Rail! (picture: HoYoverse)

Should You Pull Blade In Honkai Star Rail?

You should summon Blade if you have the resources and support characters available to optimize his gameplay. First and foremost, it is imperative that all players pull for any characters they like. Honkai Star Rail is a game, and if having Blade on your account will drastically increase your in-game enjoyment, go ahead and pull away! This goes doubly so, considering Honkai Star Rail is a PVE game, meaning no player has to pull a character in order to remain competitive.

That being said, if you are trying to save your resources and spend them as optimally as possible, here are a few things to consider before pulling Blade. 

Blade Requires Heavy Gear Investment

Usually, it is enough to throw all your damage Relics onto a DPS or all your defensive gear on a tank, and things will work out just fine. However, because Blade requires HP and ATK in order to deal damage, players will need to work hard to balance these stats that they may not have at their disposal. Blade requires decent gear; otherwise, he may not end up doing enough DMG or end up dying too quickly. 


Blade Likely Requires Support Characters

Because Blade reduces his own HP to deal damage, needless to say, your team will need to have a healer in order to keep Blade alive. Now, Blade can heal himself using his abilities, but if you are dealing damage every single turn, chances are players will need to give him some kind of secondary healing. The most likely candidate will be Luocha, as this character can provide passive healing. However, if you don't plan on grabbing Luocha and your primary healer is not up to par, Blade may end up dying a lot.

Honkai Star Rail
Blade is a Wind Element character. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Free-To-Play Players Have Dan Heng

Blade is great at dealing lots of damage but doesn't do a lot outside of that. Yes, Blade can deal AOE Wind DMG, but Dan Heng is still a great option for free-to-play players looking to deal effective Wind DMG, meaning that there is no necessity to pull Blade unless you really like his kit. 

And that's everything about whether you should pull Blade in Honkai Star Rail!