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Should You Pull HuoHuo In Honkai Star Rail 1.5

This is everything you should consider before pulling HuoHuo in Honkai Star Rail.
Should You Pull HuoHuo In Honkai Star Rail 1.5

HuoHuo should be arriving in Honkai Star Rail 1.5 and will be the third addition to the roster of five-star Abundance Path characters. Abundance Path characters are few and far between in Honkai Star Rail despite being necessary to clear endgame content. 

This goes doubly so when it comes to Memory of Chaos, where, more often than not, two healers are required!

However, before you start pulling for HuoHuo, you may want to consider a few factors that might sway your decision either way. That's where we come in. This article will cover the main things to consider before you pull for HuoHuo in Honkai Star Rail 1.5.

Should You Pull HuoHuo In Honkai Star Rail 1.3?

HuoHuo is one of four total Abundance characters. (Picture: HoYoverse)

You should pull for HuoHuo in Honkai Star Rail if your account needs one or fewer healers. First and foremost, it should be stated that players are free to pull for any characters they want. This is especially true in Honkai Star Rail, which does not feature any PvP mode. This means players do not need to pull for the most powerful units in order to remain competitive. 

That being said, HuoHuo is definitely a unit to consider pulling for. As mentioned, for the most challenging content in the game, Memory of Chaos, players likely need two healers. Natasha is given to all players for free, so she should have you covered, but a secondary healer should not go amiss. 

Typically, two healers are required to beat MoC. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Abundance Path Characters Are Rare

While Natasha is given to all players for free, the only other Abundance characters in the game are Bailu, Luocha, and Lynx. Bailu and Luocha are both five-star characters (one of which has never had a rate-up banner), and Lynx is of the four-star rarity. 

So, if your party desperately needs another healer, consider pulling for HuoHuo when she releases. 

HuoHuo Is Great For Endgame Content. 

As mentioned, players will need more than one healer to clear Memory of Chaos and claim all of the rewards. If you failed to pull or passed over Luocha and have not yet acquired Bailu, HuoHuo could be your chance to power up your account. 

Healers can slot into most teams without much issue, regardless of their Element. So, even if you plan on taking on an enemy without a weakness to the Wind Element, HuoHuo can still do wonders sustaining your team. 

And that's everything you need to know about whether or not to pull HuoHuo.