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Can You Skip Ultimate Animation In Honkai Star Rail?

Want to know if you can skip the Ultimate animation in Honkai Star Rail? We've got you covered!
Can You Skip Ultimate Animation In Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail is an amazing RPG with breathtaking visuals. From the character animations to the in-game cutscenes, it can sometimes feel as though you are watching a high-budget anime while playing this game. Character combat animations are especially enjoyable to watch. Along with a basic attack and a skill, each character has a powerful Ultimate that will play a flashy animation whenever it is used. 

However, for Honkai Star Rail veterans, it may become tiresome to watch the same animations play out again and again. So, if you are curious about whether you can turn Ultimate animations off in Honkai Star Rail, you've come to the right place. This article will aim to answer the question, "Can you skip the Ultimate animation in Honkai Star Rail."

Can You Skip The Ultimate Animation In Honkai Star Rail?

Each character has an Ultimate animation. (Picture: HoYoverse)

In short, you cannot skip the Ultimate animation in Honkai Star Rail. Honkai Star Rail has very limited skipping functionality in general and will force players to sit through every cutscene. 

After a while, many players desire to skip as many animations as possible in games like Honkai Star Rail. When farming stages for hours on end, skipping animations is a great way to speed up the process and gain access to required resources at a much faster rate. 

However, in other gacha games where skip functionality is available, the animation that plays during a character's ultimate is a cut-in and completely separate from the actual attack itself. 

Honkai Star Rail's animations and combat are all interwoven, making it impossible to skip any kind of animation in this game. 

Ultimate animations cannot be skipped. (Picture: HoYoverse)

It is currently unknown whether Honkai Star Rail will implement any kind of skip functionality in the future with regard to its character's animations. However, considering Genshin Impact has been on the market now for several years and has never received an update like this, it is safe to assume that players will not be receiving a skip feature in Honkai Star Rail anytime soon. 

HoYoverse paid a lot of money for those animations, and they expect you to watch them! Well, technically, the whales who fund the game paid for them, but still!

And that's everything you need to know about skipping the Ultimate animation in Honkai Star Rail.