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How To Get Stone-Grilled Olms in Honkai Star Rail

Here is where to find Stone-Grilled Olms in Honkai Star Rail!
How To Get Stone-Grilled Olms in Honkai Star Rail

The Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities event is well underway in Honkai Star Rail, and many players are hard at work renovating the Belobog museum. This event is unlike anything we've seen before and requires not only strong enough characters to defeat enemies but a lot of micromanagement as well. However, one of the core elements of this event is the various fetch quests players will need to complete across Jarilo VI. Tracking down ancient artifacts, clues, and more is what will turn a good museum into a great museum.

During one of the missions for this event, players will encounter an NPC who is looking for some Stone-Grilled Olm. It is unlikely you will have this in your inventory, even if you have been playing since the launch. That's where we come in. This article will cover how to get Stone-Grilled Olms in Honkai Star Rail!

Stone-Grilled Olms Location in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail
Players can acquire Stone-Grilled Olms from an NPC named Turner. (Picture: HoYoverse)

In order to get some Stone-Grilled Olm, players will need to visit the Food Stall located in Boulder Town, Jarilo VI. There, Stone-Grilled Olm can be purchased for 3600 Credits. The Stone-Grilled Olm is limited to one purchase every 24 hours. 

Stone-Grilled Olm has the effect of reviving downed party members with 30% of their Max HP, so it can be a lifesaver in certain situations, hence its scarcity in the Food Stall inventory. 

With your Stone-Grilled Olm in hand, all you need to do is continue playing through the event and exchange the Stone-Grilled Olm when prompted to do so. 

Honkai Star Rail
Turner can be found at the South-East portion of this map. (Picture: HoYoverse)

However, it should be noted that acquiring a Stone-Grilled Olm is not necessary to complete the event. Players who mash through text dialogue without reading will want to double-check what this NPC has to say. This is because the NPC also gives you the option to give him Credits instead of the Stone-Grilled Olm. So, if you really want to continue the event and don't feel like pausing to grab yourself a Stone-Grilled Olm, you can just pay the NPC off instead by choosing the "Here's some money. Get some for yourself" option.

This held no bearing on the story or the event itself and was likely put into the game by the developers because they knew many players would not have nor want to go out of their way to grab a Stone-Grilled Olm. Thanks, devs!

And that's everything you need to know about how to get Stone-Grilled Olms in Honkai Star Rail.