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Indiana Jones and The Great Circle- Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay & More

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, including its release date, trailer, leaks, and more.
Indiana Jones and The Great Circle- Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay & More

Fans of George Lucas's iconic archeologist adventurer have lots to look forward to, as the development of a brand new game is in the works, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle. If this is the first you're hearing about this new title, or you just want to know more about the game and what you can expect from it, then keep reading. 

We have broken down everything you need to know about this new Indiana Jones game, from its release date, what can be gleaned from its short trailer, leaks, speculations, and so much more. So, without further delay, let's jump right in.

Updated on 6 March 2024: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is now available to wishlist and we have more information on what to expect below!

Latest Indiana Jones and The Great Circle Leaks & News

22 January 2024: First Indiana Jones and the Great Circle trailer! Watch it right now...
6 December 2023: Will the new Indiana Jones game show up at TGA 2023?

We will have to wait and see if Indiana Jones will appear at The Game Awards 2023...

3 October 2023: Official new details to be shared in 2024.

Bethesda's Todd Howard has reportedly confirmed new details will be shared about the Indiana Jones game next year.

5 September 2023: Halfway through development!

According to Todd Howard, the Indiana Jones game is halfway through development.

1 August 2023: We checked for any new info on a future Indiana Jones game

We didn't find any new information about the new Indiana Jones game, but we will continue our search.

8 December: Watch The Game Awards 2022 live!

There is a slight chance of the new Indiana Jones game showing up at The Game Awards 2022.

Tune in the watch The Game Awards 2022 via the YouTube stream embedded below. It kicks off on 8 December at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT and 9 December at 00:30 GMT.

6 December 2022 - A mashup of genres

Bethesda's Todd Howard recently said in a podcast how the new Indiana Jones game is a mix of genres, not wanting to go into specifics: "I will just say it's a mash-up. It's unique. It isn't one thing, intentionally, so it does a lot of different things that I and the folks at Machine Games have wanted to do in a game. So it's a unique thing."

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle Release Date Speculation

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmed release date for Indiana Jones and The Great Circle. Still, we do have confirmation that it will be released in 2024 and is currently available to wishlist on Xbox Platforms and PC, and if any specific 2024 date is announced, we will update this listing accordingly.

Indiana Jones And The Great Circle Release Date Content Trailers confirmed for 2024
Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will be released sometime in 2024. (Picture: Bethesda)

Even without an official release date, we expect the developers and Xbox to hold up their end for a 2024 release since the trailer shows so much. In it, we see beautiful visuals, varied puzzle designs, and combat which is authentic to how we've always seen the character portrayed in the films, so with all this work already done, we don't expect any delays (fingers crossed). 

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle- Trailer And Content

The trailer for Indiana Jones and The Great Circle showcases much of what we can expect from the game once it is released, from cinematics to the new first-person perspective through which we'll be playing the game, to the combat mechanics and weapons featured. This marks a departure from the older games in the series and promises to immerse players in the shoes of Indiana himself, allowing them to take on the role of the legendary archaeologist.

Indiana Jones And The Great Circle Content
This new title will see Indiana traverse new locations all around the world. (Picture: Bethesda)

Regarding the setting and content we can anticipate, the game unfolds between the events of the Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade movies, presenting an original adventure set in 1937. The game commences at the iconic Marshall College, and after a theft here propels the narrative forward, players find themselves in a race against sinister forces across various locations worldwide – from the hallowed halls of the Vatican and the arid deserts of Egypt to the lush and sunken temples of Sukhothai and the frigid peaks of the Himalayas, among other adventurous settings.

As mentioned earlier, the game adopts a first-person perspective, providing players with a front-row seat to the action (such as punching Nazis in the face) and a clear view when utilizing Indiana's iconic whip. The trailer showcases the whip being used for distraction, disarming enemies, and environmental traversal. Though briefly glimpsed, the trailer also reveals Indiana using an older handgun, and while details are scant, it hints at the possibility of Indiana employing more than just a handgun during gameplay.

Indiana Jones And The Great Circle Content And Trailer
Based on the trailer, this new title will be a first-person experience and utilize new combat mechanics, especially for the iconic whip Indiana uses. (Picture: Bethesda)

In between the fighting and action sequences, players will explore new and diverse locations never before seen in the franchise. As they do so, they'll solve puzzles, traverse obstacles, and uncover secrets, possibly shedding light on the Great Circle – a ring of historic sites forming a perfect circle around the world. Currently, information about the game's content, such as boss fights, cosmetics, combat/upgrade trees, etc., remains limited. Rest assured, as soon as more details emerge, this section will be updated accordingly.

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle- Platforms

Microsoft acquired Bethesda Game Studios in 2020, with the acquisition being made final on the 9th of March 2021. And when it comes to any company that Microsoft owns, they keep things quite close to the chest, and Bethesda games are no different. 

The Xbox Series X/S and PC are now the only platforms for Bethesda's upcoming games as of the completion of this acquisition. Naturally, Indiana Jones has done the same, meaning that it won't be possible for anyone to play this game on any other console, such as the PS5.