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DWG KIA threepeat LCK title with 3-1 victory against T1

With their championship victory in the Summer Finals, DWG KIA also became the second team in LCK history to win it three times in a row.
DWG KIA threepeat LCK title with 3-1 victory against T1

LCK’s 2021 Summer Season has come to an end after witnessing one of the biggest clashes in the history of League of Legends in Korea, with DWG KIA defending its crown against the legendary squad, T1.

This clash brought many expectations and interesting narratives with it, highlighting the ultimate duel between Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Heo “ShowMaker” Su in the mid lane, as well as the dispute for the tenth regional championship for either Faker or DK’s coach kkOma, and T1’s Yang “Daeny” Dae-in playing against his old team for the championship.

LCK 2021 Summer Finals: DWG KIA vs T1

Before the definition of the Korean league, DWG KIA showed a great performance during the regular season, which although they weren’t as strong as last year, they remained one of the strongest teams in the LCK.

On the other side, T1 had to fight from the limits of the mid-table after having poor results first, reaching the playoffs with a series of issues that ended with the dismissal of their coaching staff. Despite this, the Demon King’s squad broke through from the quarterfinals and dispatched Gen.G for a chance against the defending champions.

At first, T1’s was as clear as it was effective, trying to put Khan’s Camille ahead to completely nullify DK’s Canna. However, the first two games of the grand finals ended up being taken by DWG KIA, thanks to the great rotations and an excellent lane phase from ShowMaker and Canyon.

Despite this, T1 didn’t stop fighting as they managed to extend both games with initiative, together with the help of Faker, who showed off his signature Azir, with a performance that lengthened the set.

For the third game, Gumayusi jumped into the Summoner's Rift instead of Teddy, and while he wasn’t the protagonist, T1 turned the tables and won the map in 21 minutes, showing a better level of preparation as well as a more than successful draft in their favour.

LCK 2021 trophy
One trophy to rule them all, worthy of only the best teams in the world. (Picture: Riot Games)

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be enough to turn the scoreboard around, since although T1 dominated again during the lane phase in the fourth game, some mechanical errors gave DK the possibility of tracing and exterminating their enemies, revealing some questionable plays on both sides.

At minute 36, ShowMaker would take the dub from the three-time world champions by making a quadra kill with the help of his LeBlanc, stopping T1’s hopes to force a fifth match, and managing to conquer for the third consecutive time the throne of the LCK.

Thanks to this play, in addition to exceeding 1,000 kills in his LCK career during the series, DK’s mid laner got to take the Finals’ MVP award, thus guiding the current world champions to a long-awaited defence in European territory.

LCK 2021 DWG KIA champions
LCK 2021 Summer Split champions, DWG KIA. (Picture: Riot Games)

With this, DWG KIA will have a date with history being the first seed of the LCK in Worlds 2021, while Gen.G will move on with the second seed thanks to their Championship Points, and sadly for T1, they still have to fight for their spot in the group stage at the Regional Finals in a few days.

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