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Estral Esports and Undead Gaming ready to battle for LLA spot

The Mexican squad and the Argentinian side will face off next 19th and 20th September for a chance to get promoted to the LLA.
Estral Esports and Undead Gaming ready to battle for LLA spot

The LLA (Liga Latinoamerica) is preparing to welcome in a new set of faces as Mexican team Estral Esports and Argentinian squad Undead Gaming are ready to take the stage and compete for the promotion to LLA 2021.

The Regional Norte has counted Estral Esports as its winner, as the roster finished off Colombian team Zeu5 Bogotá 3-0. For the Regional Sur, Undead Gaming defeated Chilean team Catolica Esports in an aggressive set of matches. Since both Estral and Undead demonstrated the needed skill to be a part of the LLA, both teams will face off in the promotion hosted by Riot Games.


Three-time champion of LVP (Liga de Videojuegos Profesional) Estral Esports has stuck to their honor as Mexico's "undefeated champion." 

In their first match, Estral managed to show synergy and proper communication as they captured four dragons and seven towers. Staying ahead in gold, they pushed towards Z5's base, ending the game at the half-hour mark. The second game was an absolute stomp, as Z5 didn't get their first skill until nineteen minutes in. Although they tried to put up a fight, it was futile as Estral was already ahead by 11,000 gold. It seems that Z5 already gave up by the final game, with Estral easily dominating them in CS, gold, and total objectives.


The set between Catolica and Undead was quite interesting, as both teams put up a fight, barring the objectives. By the half-hour mark, every Undead player besides the Support had a bounty on them. 

Additionally, they were overall ahead in CS and dragons, giving them the advantage to push. Undead was able to group as Catolica tried to defend their base, giving the team a chance to work together and cause enough damage to push towards the Nexus. For the second game, Undead's mid-laner Eneas "Enga" Protti showed his true skills as he popped off as Zoe, with 9 kills and zero deaths. Overall, Undead showed dominance over their opponents, a skill much needed in the LLA.

Both teams are scheduled to play against each other next 19th and 20th of September at the Riot Games studios in Artz Pedregal, Mexico City. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Riot Games will keep fans updated on whether plans change. To watch the Promotion matchups, fans can tune in to the official League of Legends website.