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Fnatic sacks LoL coach Veigar over inappropriate messages to minor

Fnatic's strategic coach has been sacked after messages sent between 2017-2018.
Fnatic sacks LoL coach Veigar over inappropriate messages to minor

Fnatic, a UK-based esport organisation, have fired their League of Legends strategic coach Marius "Veigarv2" Aune after private messages surfaced that showed him sending inappropriate messages to a young girl.

Fnatic acted within hours of the messages coming to light and in a statement said they have "severed all ties with this individual".



"We have been made aware today of several extremely concerning messages sent by a contractor associated with our League of Legends team. These messages were sent in 2017 and 2018, prior to his association with Fnatic."

The messages in question appear to show Aune sending lewd messages to a female Twitter user and commenting on her much younger looking sister. The messages came to light in a Twitter discussion over Marius Aune's "toxic" personality when the older sister explained she was underage at the time of the comments.

The original tweet has since been deleted.

More comments have circulated which appear to show Aune telling a fellow player that he will "kill you in real life" during a game of League of Legends.


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Aune has since responded to the accusations in a Twit longer titled "About the recent accusations and rumors" where he states that the messages were when he was "16-17 years old and involved with a disgusting group of people".

He goes on to explain that he said "really disgusting things" but that he had grown up since then and "realised how fucked everything I've done in the past was."

Adding, "I have never ever said anything even remotely close to what I said in those pictures." He then goes on to refute "rumours" that he shared or viewed "disgusting pictures" before sdtaing he wished to apologise for what he said to the victim and her sister.

"I now look back on these actions with shame and disbelief."

Marius Aune had been the strategic coach for Fnatic since January 2020, having previously worked for Riddle Esports, Movistar Blue and Dusty.