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GamerzClass secures Jensen for latest League of Legends course

GamerzClass is going to do its best to make this one of its top courses to date and supersede the standards it have set previously with the addition of a Jensen course on how to play mid in LoL.
GamerzClass secures Jensen for latest League of Legends course
After signing FIFA star Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt, GamerzClass has added another big name to its collective of players from across esports with League of Legends professional player Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen, mid laner for Team Liquid.

Joining Liquid in late 2018, Jensen has managed to win back-to-back LCS titles in 2019 and has been in top North American teams for well over five years.

The mid lane is often the centre of the action and while often new players start in this position, it is not always the easiest to master. This video course promises to help uncover the secrets from one of NA’s most established players.

“We wanted to start the year with multiple bangs and I believe we managed to do that successfully. Our vision is to become the worlds leading esports & gaming learning platform and it is impossible to do that without working with some of the household names in the scene” - Victor Folmann, CEO & Founder of GamerzClass

Filmed in early January and expected to be delivered by the end of February, this collaboration brings all of the best practices, build patterns, skill orders, match-ups and new macro plays adapted to Season 10 according to Jensen. For those who are serious about climbing in solo queue this year, pre-orders are available for $25.00 here.

Known for his Orianna, Leblanc, Cassiopeia, Syndra and many more, Jensen teamed up with GamerzClass to teach others how to replicate those flashy plays that make for great clips and montages.

League of Legends is a constantly evolving game with regular patches dropped each month throughout 2019, but this course will teach knowledge and skills that be relevant for Summoners going forward in the future as well as the current meta.

“Much like the Forg1ven course that we released last summer and still sells today, our wish is to make timeless content that will help League of Legends players improve not just today, but also six months from now.”