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Hullbreaker, League of Legends devs share details on new item

It will be hugely useful for split pushing top laners.
Hullbreaker, League of Legends devs share details on new item

League of Legends’ designer Phlox revealed Hullbreaker, the newest item in the game, which is about to replace Sanguine Blade in the next patch 11.13.

The newest hammer in League of Legends offers 50 attack damage, 400 health and 150% base health regeneration, making it a great pick for characters who are trying to be bulky and at the same time wanting to deal some damage.

League of Legends hullbreakers
Hullbreaker's stats. (Picture: Riot Games)

What’s also interesting to note is its passive called Boarding Party. It will grant you bonus armour, magic resistance, and bonus damage to towers if no other allied champions are nearby. What’s more, large minions will receive the same buff, but on a bigger scale.

It’s a perfect choice for top laners who are aiming to split push for most of the game. Champions such as Fiora, Jax and Renekton will surely be using it. Although acquiring it won’t come easy, as it will cost 2800 gold.

The item is expected to hit the PBE servers today. If everything goes right, Riot plans to ship it on the official servers in the next update, which is scheduled for release on 23rd June.