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LCS Spring Finals 2020 recap: Cloud9 topple FlyQuest for historic win

As the LCS Spring Split wraps for another year, here's a full recap of the final match in the 2020 series.
LCS Spring Finals 2020 recap: Cloud9 topple FlyQuest for historic win

LCS Finals was a completely different form this year. Not only was Cloud9 there as first seed, but FlyQuest joined in for the first time. We also had a Finals completely online, with no arena and no crowds. 

But the recaps are the constant, and we have them for you. To catch up on the games over the weekend, check out what we’ve got below.

Cloud9 vs Flyquest

Game 1

And we are off to the beginning of the LCS Finals! The game begins as normal, with Cloud9 being slightly above CS across the board in the first 3 minutes. 

At 6:05, Robert “Blaber” Huang is seen moving over the wall at drake pit, when Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun and Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen find him on a ward, and immediately take him down from a hook from IgNar, with the first blood going to Santorin. 

This gives FlyQuest the opportunity to take the drake right after. At around 11 minutes, Blaber moves top to Eric “Licorice” Ritchie in order to use the Rift Herald they had captured. 

However, Tristan “PowerofEvil” Schrage and Santorin are on their way. Although the Herald was able to take most of the tower, sans a sliver of health, PowerOfEvil is able to kill Blaber and stop the tower falling, but not before Blaber gets a kill onto Santorin.

At 18 minutes, Colin “Solo” Earnest throws out an Ornn ult to begin the engage of a fight in the midlane. PowerOfEvil kills Blaber, and Licorice responds with a kill onto Santorin. 

Despite the cage that Nisqy throws out, Cloud 9 disengage and FlyQuest take their second drake. At 20:31, Solo ults for another engage again in the midlane. 

Jason “WildTurtle” Tran takes down Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen as Blaber kills IgNar. Nisqy follows up with a kill onto Solo as he is slowed and then stunned by the Veigar cage. 

At 23:46, right at the beginning of the river on the midlane side, Phillippe “Vulcan” Laflamme gets a hook onto Santorin for the engage, but Santorin is able to get the kill onto his engager. Blaber is able to respond with a kill onto PowerOfEvil, and this helps Cloud 9 get their second drake.

At 26:25, Santorin jumps onto Vulcan in the river by the Baron pit. Zven is able to run up and execute the Bullet Time, which takes out Santorin and hits IgNar and PowerOfEvil. Nisqy is also killed by PowerOfEvil but not before he takes him out himself as Licorice ults in on Sett. 

WildTurtle takes out Vulcan and Licorice immediately responds, killing him. 

Cloud9 LCS
Cloud9 marched to victory (Picture: lolesports)

Zven gets the kill onto Solo, and that moves Cloud 9 to take down Baron. At 34:10, again in the midlane, Santorin jumps onto Vulcan and he’s pulled in further into the throng of FlyQuest players and taken down by Solo. 

PowerOfEvil is able to get a kill onto Blaber, but Zven responds with a double kill onto Santorin and PowerOfEvil. Nisqy and WildTurtle die but not without killing each other, and Licorice is able to limp away.

At 35:48, C9 is able to reset and rush back to the drake and Santorin and IgNar try to attack. Nisqy is able to get a double kill onto them, and C9 gets dragon soul and Baron immediately after. 

At FlyQuest’s base at 38:40, Nisqy throws down his cage as Zven is able to take out IgNar. Licorice ults Solo, and Vulcan throws the killing blow, while Zven gets another kill onto PowerOfEvil and Cloud9 wins Game 1 at 39:10.

Game 2

And we’re off to Game 2! The game begins like a normal laning phase should, but with Zven at about 20 CS or so ahead of WildTurtle. 

At 8:12, Licorice slams Solo into the ground, and Blaber and Santorin are on their way to help their respective top laners. Santorin gets first blood onto Licorice, and PowerofEvil shows up from the side to kill Blaber. Nisqy and Vulcan, however, have run up from river, and the response is kills onto PowerOfEvil and Solo from Nisqy. At 10:08, Nisqy roams botside to help Zven get a double kill onto WildTurtle and IgNar.

At 10:26, Santorin is hiding in the fog of war ready to help Solo dive Licorice. They get the knock up, but Blaber is running up. Licorice is able to slam them both into the ground and Blaber goes in for the follow up, getting a kill onto Solo and with the help of the tower hitting Santorin, getting a kill onto him too. 

At 20:21, Nisqy finds himself top lane but alone as Santorin, IgNar, and PowerOfEvil surround him. As they begin the engage, Licorice is teleporting in, and Zven is running up. 

Santorin gets the kill onto Nisqy, but Licorice ults and takes down PowerOfEvil as Vulcan also runs up. Licorice gets the kill onto IgNar for a triple kill, which translates into an immediate 21 minute Baron.

At 22:55, Vulcan hooks Solo in the midlane and a fight begins. Licorice again uses his ult and Nisqy takes out Santorin and WildTurtle for a double kill. 

They move towards Solo and IgNar and Zven gets the double kill on both of them. Licorice solos the drake to get Cloud9 dragon soul, and Cloud9 starts to push into FlyQuest’s base.

At 26 minutes, Nisqy moves into FlyQuest in the top lane, and there are teleports in. Zven gets a triple kill onto Solo, Santorin, and PowerOfEvil in the top lane. C9 moves to Baron afterwards and is able to take it at 27:49. Cloud9 has a 13k gold lead at 30 minutes.

At 30:15 another fight breaks out in the jungle by the drake pit. Blaber gets a kill onto Santorin and Licorice takes down Solo. 

Blaber gets another kill onto WildTurtle during Licorice’s ult, which kills PowerOfEvil, and Nisqy gets the kill onto IgNar. Cloud9 get the ace, they take the base, and win Game 2 at 30:52.

Game 3

This is match point for Cloud9. At 3:42, PowerOfEvil and Santorin move into the top lane from River and PowerOfEvil get first blood onto Licorice. Cloud9 takes the first drake at 5:40. 

At 6:40, Nisqy and Blaber move into the botlane and Nisqy gets a kill onto WildTurtle.At 7:50, Nisqy is stunned and Solo pulls the Ornn ult while Santorin also ults in on Pantheon, but Nisqy is able to live; however at the same time, Zven gets a kill onto WildTurtle. 

Rift Herald fight at 9:20: Vulcan is able to get a kill onto PowerOfEvil, while Santorin gets a kill onto Nisqy, but Blaber still grabs the Herald. At 12:08, the kills are even at 4 and 4 and Cloud9 get their second drake at 12:50.

At 18:22, FlyQuest gets a stun onto Blaber in the river by the drake pit, which begins the fight. WildTurtle takes him down quickly, and Solo ults as Ornn while Santorin ults in as Pantheon. 

Zven is able to respond and get a kill onto Solo and amazingly, Licorice is able to kill WildTurtle and Santorin because of Zven’s ability to root them as Cloud9 begins the re-engage. However, the rest of FlyQuest limp away and Cloud 9 get the drake. 

At 22:50, Santorin gets a stun onto Blaber in the jungle right in front of FlyQuest’s base. Nisqy is able to respond with a kill onto him, and they move into the botlane, which causes another reengage, and another kill from Nisqy, this time onto Solo. 

A third reengage from Cloud9 gets kills onto PowerOfEvil and IgNar from Blaber. Because of the lack of minions, they had to back away from the base.

At 27:08, Vulcan engages onto Santorin and Solo immediately responds with his ult. Santorin kills Zven, who was deathless until this point. Nisqy responds with a kill onto Santorin. 

Licorice takes down PowerOfEvil, WildTurtle, and chases IgNar down midlane until he gets the triple onto him. Cloud9 runs into the base, but Solo, so tanky, is trying to buy enough time for the death timers to end so the rest of his team can join him in this fight. 

Cloud9 is able to take him down, but the rest of FlyQuest is beginning to spawn as they move onto the Nexus. Miraculously, despite FlyQuest getting kills onto Cloud9, Licorice is still standing and is able to take down the Nexus before they get to him at 28:20, and Cloud9 are your Spring Split 2020 Champions. 

The series, while dominant as a whole by Cloud9, certainly wasn’t without signs of life from FlyQuest. In all three games, FlyQuest were able to take first blood, and in Games 1 and 3, they were pretty close in kills. 

But Cloud9 seemed as if nothing could phase them and even when Robert “Blaber” Huang had been getting jumped on multiple times in Game 3, the rest of the team picked up the pieces and were able to put them together to make the final win that much sweeter.

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