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League of Legends 10th anniversary announcements in full

Riot Games has revealed multiple upcoming titles and developments coming to League of Legends as part of their livestreamed anniversary event.
League of Legends 10th anniversary announcements in full

On the official League of Legends website, a blog post detailed that the League of Legends 10-Year Celebration set for 2am BST would start with 'a livestream showing of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Riot Pls' including this year's SR preseason update and TFT's "set two" content.

A book titled 'Realms of Runeterra', the official companion book for League of Legends, was announced previously and is set to release on 12th December.

The webpage, celebrate.leagueoflegends.com, gives viewers a 'visual poem by Ryze' titled Waiting with Ryze that unsurprisingly features the Champion Ryze with a radio playing different historic LoL quotes if it is clicked in different scenes.

Other things such as various jungle mobs, Teemo mushrooms, Gangplank's hand, Thresh's lantern and Aatrox's pre-rework sword can appear as the scene changes every half an hour.

Following the 10th Anniversary stream, a countdown has now appeared on the site counting down until 19:30 BST today (16th October).

Here are all of the big reveals from the 10th Anniversary stream in summary:


New Champion: Senna

The first ever support marksman champion, Senna will be coming to the LoL PBE on 29th October and into Summoner's Rift for good on 10th November.

Many fans know Senna already as she is Lucian's wife and one of the souls Thresh had trapped in his lantern, sparking the rivalry between the two characters.

Lucian and Senna join Rakan and Xayah as a League of Legends power couple and we can expect to see them paired together in the future.


Rise of the Elements

Introducing new emergent gameplay opportunities, Rise of the Elements brings a new elemental rift system. As teams take down the elemental drakes, one of the elements will then 'dominate the Rift' to permanently alter the design of the map. This includes new additional paths to the Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback.

Other map changes include additional paths on both top and bot lane as well as extra bushes in jungle.

Return of Ultra Rapid Fire

With the full champion roster available, URF is making a return to League of Legends after a four year absence.

In this mode, all players have 80% cooldown reduction and no ability costs for their random champion. The system is expected to be All Random rather than Blind with Bans, but rerolls will be possible.

Minion gold is given for any hits rather than just the last and a few buffs/nerfs keep things from being too crazy, but URF is a mode many have missed playing and are looking forward to.


League of Legends: Wild Rift - Console/Mobile LoL

Wild Rift is not a PC port, but a redesigned new version of LoL for console and mobile build from scratch. It will contain new twin-stick control scheme and a rebuilt Rift designed for 15-18 minute games. It is expected to be released in most regions by the end of 2020.

Interested players can pre-register on the Google Play Store, with limited alphas and betas in select regions coming later this year, and get the latest news from the official Wild Rift Twitter account.


Teamfight Tactics' Future Changes and Mobile Version

TFT has become a phenomenon and even non-endemic players have signed up to play the autobattler through the League client.

With a current selection of 50 champions, this will change every three or four months to make way for a new rotation of 50 in seasonal sets to keep the meta fresh and allow to experimentation with different builds and styles.

The game will be coming to mobile as its own separate app for iOS and Android next year following massive demand from fans wishing to play on the go with crossplay possibilities.


Project A - Tactical FPS Game

After years of speculation, Riot revealed Project A: their upcoming character-based tactical shooter game. While the announcement said more information would be released in 2020, we were given plenty of interesting details during the stream.

Project A is set on a near-future Earth as characters with unique abilities battle in a Counter-Strike-Overwatch hybrid style of gameplay.

Abilities will predominantly 'create opportunities' rather than being used to get kills, meaning aim will be key to success.

Footage of the early gameplay can be found below.

Retired Counter-Strike player and map designer Salvatore "Volcano" Garozzo has been linked for many years to a possible project and his involvement was confirmed and got to show his hard work off last night.


Project L - Fighting Game

With a rich cast of characters with a variety of personalities and abilities, it seemed a reasonable fit to combine the universe of League of Legends with the fighting game genre and we finally have more details after rumours have emerged over the last few years.

Ahri, Darius, Jinx and Katarina can all be seen to be making an appearance in the early builds of Project L and with 141 other champions in League of Legends there is huge potential for a diverse brawling roster.

More footage can be seen during the 'Making Games' video on the Riot Games YouTube channel.


Project F - MMO Game

This project is also in early development and it is MMO title.

The ability to explore the world of Runeterra with friends is the goal of this game but there was limited footage showing this concept. Blitzcrank and Ezreal can be seen most prominently in a 3D rendition of the LoL universe, suggesting multiple champions from the main game will be available on your adventures.


Legends of Runeterra - Card Game

Amidst controversy in the world of Hearthstone and a recent failure from Valve's own Artifact, a new contender in the genre is revealing its hand at Riot.

Legends of Runeterra will not have packs like other free-to-play card games, but will be a more intensive, higher ceiling game bringing the champions of LoL into the game with their unique abilities being activated and animated on the board.

There will be multiple regions with distinct playstyles, with players able to switch regions at any time while also having the ability to combine deck types to fit their individual playstyle.

A full explanation, intro guide and footage of the gameplay can be found below.


Arcane - Animated Series

A League of Legends anime is not something many expected from the 10th Anniversary stream, yet Arcane, set in utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, will be released next year.

The story follows the origins of two iconic League champions Jinx and Vi - and the power that will tear them apart.


Finally: LoL Esports Manager, Origins and Riot Games Social Impact Fund

In an official blog post, LoL Esports Manager is described as a game that provides players with 'the full experience of what it takes to run an esports team through major decisions that include: strategy selection, pre-match bans and picks, and winning the off-season by building the best team possible.'

This game will first release for the LPL in 2020 with plans to expand with players from other regions gradually.

A trailer for League of Legends: Origins, a feature-length documentary by Academy Award-nominated documentarian Leslie Iwerks, was also revealed as well as Dawnbringer Karma, the first LoL skin in which all proceeds will go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. 

The full five hour 10th Anniversary stream VOD can be found on the League of Legends YouTube channel and is embedded below:

With so much coming from Riot in the near future, what are you most excited to see from the publisher? Let us know in the comments below!