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League of Legends World Championship finals to have over 6000 attendees

It will be first time a major sports event in China will have a live audience since the start of Covid-19 pandemic.
League of Legends World Championship finals to have over 6000 attendees

League of Legends Pro League has announced that the Worlds 2020 final, scheduled for 31st of October, will have a live audience.

Worlds 2020 live audience
(Picture: Riot Games)

The event will take place at Pudong Football Stadium in Shanghai, which is capable of hosting 33,765 people. Naturally, due to coronavirus pandemic, it won’t accept as many fans, with only 6,312 of them being able to view the final live on site. 




The original Weibo post may not be available for some western countries, so it was translated by an LPL journalist, Ran. Posting on her Tumblr page she claimed that tickets will be free and people will be able to win them in a lottery. “For the final, under clear instructions from local government, there will be 6312 tickets for the audiences to grab, through a lottery program designed by Riot themselves.”

The program itself had been already detailed. In order to sign up to participate, those willing to do so must sign up with their Chinese ID or foreign passport’s. Those who get drawn will be sent a message with further instructions to follow. 

According to Ran, attendees will maintain social distancing with each person having one free seat on either side of them. Additionally, attendees will need to have a level 30 Tencent server league account, and Chinese phone number. 

It will be the first major offline sporting event to have a live audience in China, as the country announced in July that all international sports for the rest of the year were to be cancelled due to the pandemic.