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League's upcoming champion, Seraphine, has secret Twitter and Soundcloud accounts - may be joining K/DA

The rumours have been floating around for a while, but intrepid League of Legends fans have found rumoured upcoming champion Seraphine’s Twitter account and Soundcloud - a soundcloud with a kickass Pop/Stars cover that is all but guaranteed to have her involved in K/DA’s hotly-anticipated return.
League's upcoming champion, Seraphine, has secret Twitter and Soundcloud accounts - may be joining K/DA

K/DA is back and Seraphine is set to join them - that’s what the rumours circulating the League community are saying. Riot are no slouches when it comes to marketing new releases, and hot off the success of the Spirit Blossom event and two new champion releases in Lillia and Yone, the LoL developers are poised to kick off unconfirmed champion Seraphine’s announcement by tying her in to one of their most popular projects in K/DA.

Over on her Twitter account - and yes, Seraphine has a Twitter account - the virtual songstress just posted a Pop/Stars cover of K/DA fame via her Soundcloud account. If nothing else, the cover is damn good: echoing guitar, expansive synth pads, and a chilled out trap-beat fill out a very clever reimagining of the pseudo-K-pop hit. Then again, what did you expect from Riot’s all-star music department?

The Pop/Stars cover seems to be the culmination of a long term marketing masterplan from Riot. Seraphine has had a Twitter account since the end of June, at least a month before rumours of her existence had hit the mainstream. Before the release of Lillia and Yone, even. Cue the creation of her Soundcloud account, and then - 

That’s right, gaming’s hottest k-pop band have announced their return with a brand new track set to release on the 27th. It just makes the cherry on top of Seraphine’s K/DA cover all the sweeter, because it points to one thing: Seraphine is about to collaborate or flat-out join LoL’s all-star girl group.

Seraphine League of Legends soundcloud Twitter
Seraphine even has her fair share of selfies (Picture: @seradotwav on Twitter)

Giving credence to rumours is Riot’s recent deal with the Universal Music Group, with the aim of creating music for the upcoming Season 10 World Championships. Fans may recall that K/DA debuted at the 2018 World Finals, and two years later with the announcement, the band has a new release it isn’t all that much of a stretch to justify Seraphine being a part of it.

Further details of Seraphine’s kit as a champion have yet to be revealed, but at the very least she’s going to have a killer lore presence! Fans should keep their eyes on Seraphine and K/DA’s twitter, and see what new track “The Baddest” has to offer on 27/08/2020.