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MAD Lions' content creator gets cancelled after sharp statements towards Carzzy

There is no doubt the two-time LEC champions, MAD Lions, hasn't had the best time as of late.
MAD Lions' content creator gets cancelled after sharp statements towards Carzzy

After being crushingly eliminated by DWG KIA from Worlds 2021, the two-time LEC champions have been embroiled in controversy, due to a series of comments made shortly after their elimination by one of its content creators.

Through his personal Twitter account, Luis “Revenant” Amor, one of the most recognized streamers in Spain and “co-owner” of the team, took the opportunity to make a somewhat controversial tweet, where he criticized the performance of MAD Lions' bot laner, Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság, as well as his contributions to the team.

MAD Lions Revenant original tweet Carzzy
Original tweet from MAD Lions' Revenant. (Picture: Ashley Kang / Twitter)

“It's a shame watching Elyoya like that, he has to carry everyone on his back alongside Kaiser, I still think that Carzzy doesn't have the level, he adds things to the team that they consider important, I know for sure that I'll put Flakked 100% but I don't have a say here,” says the translated tweet from Revenant.

While this tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted, this didn’t prevent it from going unnoticed, attracting the attention of both LEC casters and players, and even some owners and content creators from other regions and teams around the world.

On his part, Carzzy answered with a simple "lol" before Revenant deleted the original tweet, while Revenant decided to post a reply in which he revealed he had no problem deleting the tweet, after talking and apologizing to the player in private.

Unfortunately, this didn’t end here as the Spanish streamer continued to defend his posture on his Twitch channel, saying he could do anything he wanted, again emphasizing his position within the team.

“I don't think Carzzy is very good or he's not at his best. I think Carzzy has no level at the moment,” Revenant said on his stream. “The thing is, everyone complained because apparently, since I’m co-owner of MAD Lions, I can't say that. Well, I can say that and whatever I want”.

After the broadcast, Carzzy responded with a tweet saying he couldn't "believe how stupid some people are," before adding that he doesn't allow the owner's comments to affect him.

At this point, MAD Lions decided to address the situation on their social media, affirming its position against Revenant's comments, and also confirming he has indeed “not part of the ownership group or management and does not speak for MAD or Overactive Media."

MAD Lions statement Revenant tweet
MAD Lions' statement on Revenant's controversy. (Picture: MAD Lions / Twitter)

At the moment, Revenant hasn’t said anything about this reply by MAD Lions, while Carzzy only reaffirmed he wouldn’t be carried away by those comments, while the negotiations to continue with the team for 2022 are still ongoing.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games and Getty Images.