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MSI 2021: DWG KIA and MAD Lions fighting for the best spot, Cloud9 and Pentanet on the tightrope

The battle for pride and survival is just getting started with hard-fought matches during the second day of the Rumble Stage.
MSI 2021: DWG KIA and MAD Lions fighting for the best spot, Cloud9 and Pentanet on the tightrope

The Rumble Stage of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational continues its course. Now that the second day is over and the standings are starting to take shape with the tournament favourites proving to be just that.

And while the LPL champions, Royal Never Give Up, keep their score untainted after impressive W's against MAD Lions and Pentanet.GG, the remaining teams keep fighting to bounce back and take the lead in the road to the Knockout Stage.

DWG KIA regains momentum, MAD Lions got their first strike

One day after the LCK champions were struck by the Chinese powerhouse's performance, DWG KIA redeemed themselves by demolishing Pentanet.GG in just 19 minutes, in one of the most lopsided games of the tournament.

msi 2021 league of legends(Picture: Riot Games)

However, fans have not been pleased with the Korean squad, as they had a hard time dealing with Cloud9 needing to overcome a minor advantage from the LCS squad on their duel today.

Even after being tied in second with the LEC representatives, the current world champions' wrath hasn't been felt at its fullest, maybe in an attempt to save some juice for the next phase of the tournament.

As for MAD Lions, today’s results were a little bittersweet getting their first L against RNG.

Some misplacements and poor team fights from their end, along with the loss of many objectives, got the best of the European squad.

msi 2021 league of legends(Picture: Riot Games)

Then, the LEC champions got their chance to finish at 1-1 with their match against the PCS’ PSG Talon, who just came from a deserved victory against Cloud9 that tied them up with MAD Lions.

This matchup turned out to be one hell of a game, as they kept going back and forth trying to defend their structures and getting many drakes and objectives along the way.

In the end, the MAD Lions were victorious after 35 minutes and a great showing from Carzzy’s Tristana.

Cloud9 and Pentanet, still trying to find the victory

The alarms started to ring for both the LCS and LCO champions, as they have struggled to get their first point in the Rumble Stage.

msi 2021 league of legends(Picture: Riot Games)

The situation for both teams starts to get a bit concerning, as the chance to be the fourth seed for the Knockouts will require a miracle run.

While Cloud9 has shown potential in the early game yet failing to close on their opponents, Pentanet has barely shown signs of life, being swallowed by their adversaries' aggressiveness.

Tomorrow will be the first duel between the two teams, so one squad will finally be on the winning end and maybe start their comeback, while the other will be most likely sent home as the Rumble stage looms near.

MSI 2021 Standings

  • RNG: 4-0
  • DWG KIA: 3-1
  • MAD Lions: 3-1
  • PSG Talon: 2-2
  • Cloud9: 0-2
  • Pentanet.GG: 0-2


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