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New K/DA songs potentially leaked

It's approaching that time of year that all League of Legends fans look forward to: the Worlds song.
New K/DA songs potentially leaked

Last year, K/DA premiered POP/STARS for Worlds and it quickly became one of the most popular songs in the world, gaining 200 million YouTube views since release. It was one of the most popular and well-received Worlds songs so far and, with two songs of theirs potentially leaked, it's possible that we've just found the song that brings in the League of Legends World Championship.


The augmented reality quartet have now had two songs released in what appears to be a potential leak, as they have appeared on K/DA's Genius page.

Gold and GAME/OVER do not currently have lyrics on their respective Genius pages, but a description on the "Gold" page says that a leak from the iTunes Store suggests the tracks will be released alongside an EP on November 3, 2019 – the anniversary of POP/STARS' premiere last year.


It definitely wouldn't be surprising if Riot opted for more K/DA songs for their biggest tournament of the year – the popularity of last year's one, as well as the branding opportunities to have K/DA as a regular performer at Worlds, adds up what could become a permanent fixture in the League of Legends calendar.

Previous years' classics, such as Warriors or Legends Never Die, have become revered by League of Legends fans – they're songs that get people in the Worlds mindset, that are looked back on fondly as great periods in LoL esports history. Riot will be hoping to replicate that feeling this year, and a continuation of K/DA's performances may help them do that.

What do you think of these songs potentially being the soundtrack to the League of Legends World Championship finals? Of course, the tracks aren't available yet, but with how great K/DA was last year, we're hopeful to see more of the same.