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Patch 10.3 will bring Akali nerfs and jungle xp buffs

The Rogue Assassin and queen of the permaban will finally see nerfs to her kit as will new additions Sett, Senna and Aphelios in Patch 10.3 while junglers will be happy to see xp buffs after complaints were raised.
Patch 10.3 will bring Akali nerfs and jungle xp buffs

The next League of Legends patch, 10.3, will see multiple changes coming to numerous champions including long-awaited Akali nerfs.

She won't be alone as the newer champions will also all see nerfs alongside Miss Fortune, Leona, Rumble and Sona, who was only recently buffed.

The full list of nerfed champions is:

  • Aphelios
  • Akali
  • Diana (mid)
  • Ekko (jungle)
  • Leona
  • Miss Fortune
  • Senna (ADC)
  • Sett
  • Sona
  • Rumble

Akali has been dominating the Rift for a long time now, becoming a near-constant permaban in competitive and professional play, making nerfs inevitable

The PBE changes for Akali expected to come with Patch 10.3 are as follows:

  • Five Point Strike (Q)

Energy Cost is now 140/130/120/110/100

  • Twilight Shroud (W)

Akali now gains 30/35/40/45/50% decaying movement speed for two seconds on cast

  • Perfect Execution (R)

R1 Targeting:

Free targeted now enemy champion targeted
Target Range: 625
Dash Distance: 625-675 based on distance from enemy

Despite not yet appearing in the regional leagues, Sett has seen a high win-rate among regular players that has raised concerns about his viability.

Senna, although designed with support in mind, has been a potent ADC option with an Ultimate, Dawning Shadow, that can strike anywhere on the map.


Meanwhile, the following champions will see buffs in 10.3:

  • Azir
  • Corki
  • Ezreal
  • Galio
  • Sejuani
  • Yuumi

It isn't just champions getting buffed, with jungle xp seeing a boost in this patch too.

Many have taken issue with the jungler role, frequent autofills due to many not wishing to play the role and the huge disadvantage that many junglers find themselves facing if they fall behind.

While the Sejuani buffs are welcomed by some, G2 Esports jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski had a very different response to them compared to coach Fabian "GrabbZ" Lohmann.

Patch 10.3 is expected to drop on 5th February following the second weeks of both LCS and LEC Spring Splits that will see Patch 10.2 live for their respective matches.