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Riot games has been gifting subs to Twitch streamers playing Legends of Runeterra

A few lucky streamers showing off the latest free-to-play trading card game have been pleasantly surprised by the developers.
Riot games has been gifting subs to Twitch streamers playing Legends of Runeterra

Valorant isn't the only Riot Games property being showered by praise, with the trading-card-game enthusiasts finally getting their hands on Legends of Runeterra, based off of characters from League of Legends.

After just a couple of months in beta phase, LoR finally released this April 29th. With streamers excited to showcase the game, Riot decided to surprise a few during their Twitch broadcasts by giving out free subscriptions to their channels.

Fighting games player AlukardNY couldn't hide his excitement once he realized that Riot Games not only started following his stream but gave out 10 free subs.



Smash Bros. Melee pro player and content creator Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez couldn't believe Riot showed up to gift his viewers 20 subs, going as far as to take a jab at Nintendo for their lack of support.

"You've already given me a hundred more dollars than Nintendo has ever given me for Smash."



BotaTCG, a prominent trading-card-games streamer was blessed with an outstanding 50 free subs, with his reaction perfectly fitting the moment.



A few more were lucky enough to receive 50 free subs from the developers of LoR, like streamer Kurolily, who was at a loss for words.




The streaming duo over at The Way TV collectively lost their minds once the Riot overlords showed up on their channel.



You may not like their games, but one thing Riot does like nobody else is building long-lasting communities around their titles, and details like this are part of what makes them great at it.